Hanes Saint Y Dyddiau Diweddaf by Captain Dan Jones
Bound with
Llyfr Mormon; Sef, Hanes Wedi Ei Ysgrifenu Gan Law Mormon,
Ar Lafnau A Gymmerwyd O Lafnau Nephi by Joseph Smith

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Offered here is a special publication of Mormon history:

Llyfr Mormon; Sef, Hanes Wedi Ei Ysgrifenu Gan Law Mormon, Ar Lafnau A  
Gymmerwyd O Lafnau Nephi (Book of Mormon; namely, History of Mormon
has been to write by hand, on the blades and gymmerwyd blades CEPHL)
by Joseph Smith, 1852, 483 pp. Translated into Welsh by J. Davis.

bound with

Hanes Saint Y Dyddiau Diweddaf, o'u sefydliad yn y flwyddyn 1823, 
hyd yr amser yr alltudiwyd tri chan mil o honynt o'r America 
oherwydd eu crefydd, yn y flwyddyn 1846 (History of the Latter-day
Saints, from their establishment in the year 1823, until the time that
three hundred thousand of them were exiled from America because
of their religion, in the year 1846)
by Captain Dan Jones. n.d. (1847) 102 pp.

The two books are bound into the one volume (12 mo., abt. 4-1/2" x 
6-1/2" tall)--the 1st Welsh Edition of the Smith Mormon history
and the Probable 1st Edition of Jones' Mormon history;
the former somewhat scarce, the latter seemingly very scarce.
Published in Merthyr-Tydfil, Wales.

I'm assuming the Jones Latter Day Saints history is the 1st Edition,
probably bound with the Smith book
during 1852 or around that date. I've found no indication that
there were any early reprints. 
Dr. Ronald Dennis, himself a descendant of the famed LDS Welsh missionary 
Dan Jones, and a retired Professor of Brigham Young University, 
says there were not, until he did a recent translation. 

I quote Dr. Dennis from an email in December, 2011:
"I maintain that Dan Jones's 1847 history of the LDS Church is the first 
comprehensive history written about the Church. But since it was in Welsh 
historians did not know it existed until I published an 
English translation of it about a decade ago."

There are some condition problems with this copy, including a rather 
rough but fairly solid leather binding, some moderate to heavy staining 
and foxing on edges and some margins. There are pencil scribbles on
the endpapers, as well as a list of family births and deaths. But both 
books are intact and legible and so still a solid Good copy.

Available for $ Can.  (SOLD)

Note: if your Welsh is a bit rusty, you might pick up a copy of
Dr. Dennis's English translation of the Dan Jones book for about $5
from Brigham Young University Bookstore; and there are many English 
editions of the Joseph Smith Mormon history in various printings.

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