Featuring the Ingenious Work of V. Kubasta

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Featuring the Ingenious Work of V. Kubasta

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An Intriguing Selection

Pop-up and moveable books come in all shapes and sizes. They may have very simple mechanisms or very complicated mechanisms (paper engineering as we call it today). To me, the work of Julian Wehr and V. Kubasta are as interesting and fascinating as many of the "paper engineers" working today, but there are also legions of fans for the modern intricate creations as well. There is no denying that people such as Keith Moseley, James Diaz, David Pelham and John Strejan have created some outstanding pop-up configurations. Whatever your preference, I will try to maintain an interesting selection of old and new pop-ups and moveables on this portion of my website. Come often and enjoy, and even take one home now and again.


1) The Pop-Up Little Orphan Annie and Jumbo, the Circus Elephant" by Harold Gray. Pleasure Books, Chicago (a Blue Ribbon Press Book). (1935) Abt. 8 x 9-1/4" tall; 10 pages of text with b/w drawings, plus 3 double-page, fantastic pop-ups. All 3 pop-ups working fine and pictured here. Pictorial paper-on- boards. Moderate wear and soiling of covers; some smudging in margins; o/w a disirable G+ copy of this uncommon pop-up featuring one of the most popular comic characters of the 1930's. $300.00 Pop-Up Buck Rogers (2) 2) "The Pop-Up Buck Rogers", Strange Adventures in the Spider-Ship. This is the 1994 reprint of the original 1935 edition. Applewood Books, Bedford, MA. Sq. 8 vo., 20 pp., including 3 splendid pop-up scenes: "The Battle With the Monster"; "Tossed in the Torrent"; and, "Attacked by the Giant Reptile". The text is illustrated with the original b/w illus. as well. Glossy pictorial boards. Slight chipping and rubbing of boards; minor crease in Buck's arm in the last pop-up, and there may be an extra fold in the monster reptile's front leg in that pop-up as well; front board slightly warped; o/w a VG+ copy. It's nice to see Applewood reprinting some of these early pop-up's since the originals are now in the three to five hundred dollar range. $25.00 (SOLD) 3) The Pop-Up Minnie Mouse, republished from the original 1933 Disney edition. Abt. 6-1/2 x 8-3/4" tall, 27 pp. One pop-up at each set of endpapers, plus centre pop-up. Story and illustrations by the Staff of Walt Disney Studios. Dalmatian Press, Franklin, Tennessee. 2006. 1st Edition of this reproduction. Colour illus. throughout. Glossy pictorial boards. Couple minor wrinkles in centre pop-up; minor ding to bottom of spine with a little tear starting at hinge; o/w a VG+ copy. Vintage Collection sticker on front cover shows up almost Black in photo but is actually Gold colour and perfectly legible. $15.00 Snow White Picture Story (4) 4) "Snow White Pop-Up Picture Story" with illustrations by Pam Storey. Printed in Czechoslovakia. This edition published by Brown Watson, England (1989) Oblong 4 to., 12 pp. 6 charming pop-up scenes of Snow White's life with the seven dwarfs, the intrusion of the evil Queen and the arrival of the handsome Prince to resuscitate Snow White. 3 of the pop-ups have moving parts. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor rubbing; one small tear in the casket in the last pop-up; o/w a VG+ copy. $17.50 5) (Kubasta) "Snow White Pop-Up Picture Story" with the Pam Story covers as above but with 6 intricate scenes created by Kubasta. Printed in Czechoslovakia. Published by Brown Watson, England (1989) Oblong 4 to., 12 pp. Reprinted from the original 1971 edition. Snow White's life with the seven dwarfs, the intrusion of the evil Queen and the arrival of the handsome Prince to resuscitate Snow White. 4 of the pop-ups have moving parts. Glossy pictorial boards. Some wrinkling and warping of the boards; couple of minor tears and wrinkles in two of the action parts; a little damage to the cellophane over Snow White's casket (you can't see it very well in photo but the bottom left corner is turned back); still a G+ clean copy of another delightful Kubasta creation. $35.00 6) "All at Sea: an All-Action Pop-Up Picture Storybook" with illustrations and design by V. Kubasta. Printed in Czechoslovakia, published in England by Brown Watson. 1986. 1st Edition. Abt. 10 x 10", 12 pp. 6 magnificent pop-up illus. from the master Kubasta showing the history of life at sea from the Vikings until the present day. Glossy pictorial boards. Slight edgewear; gift inscription on last page; a few minor dents in spine; o/w VG+. $45.00 (SOLD) 7) (Kubasta) Puss in Boots, an all-action treasure hour pop-up book with illustrations and design by V. Kubasta. Printed in Czechoslovakia and published in England by Murray's Children's Books, Lon. (1978). A stunningly illustrated version by the incomparable Kubasta. Abt. 8 x 10-1/4", 12 pp. 6 wonderful pop-ups, 5 with moving parts--6 if you count the gentle rocking of the Royal Coach in the last scene. Glossy pictorial boards. Slight edgewear and rubbing; a few little creases but all pop-ups complete and working; a VG or better copy. $45.00 8) Cinderella, an All-Action Treasure Pop- Up Book by V. Kubasta. Murray's Children's Books, King's Cross, London. Printed in Czechoslovakia (1978). Abt. 7-3/4 x 10-1/4". 12 pages, 6 pop-ups, 3 with moveables. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor rubbing and scratching of covers. All pieces present, moveables working; couple of creases to tabs; one small piece missing from end of tab that moves curtain and a short taped (inside) tear to bottom of curtain; o/w a VG or better copy. $40.00 (SOLD) 9) Clever Cathy. Printed and published in Czechoslovakia by NAVA. (1991). Features 6 two-page pop-ups, all with moveables. Abt. 8 x 10-1/4". Glossy pictorial boards. The last pop-up has two short repaired tears; o/w this is a VG+ copy of an uncommon Kubasta title. $60.00 10) Red Riding Hood, the 1st English Edition (1961). Printed in Czechoslovakia and published in England by Bancroft and Co., London. Abt. 8 x 10-1/4", 16 pp. Two more pop-ups than later editions, for a total of 8 plus a moveable on the front cover, making 6 moveables in all. Designed and illustrated by Voitech Kubasta, another terrific example of his genius. Glossy pictorial thick card wraps with Red cloth spine. Minor edgewear; corners bumped; a crease in the wolf's tongue on the front cover; a crease in the vase of flowers that pops up on the table in the last pop-up; one major flaw in that the tab that moves Red Riding Hood's head in pop-up five is missing (see photo where she's standing at the foot of the bed with flowers--the tab is there that supports the head but the piece similar to the moveable tab for the wolf is missing for Red); o/w still a VG clean copy of this fairly scarce title. $135.00

Two One-Pop-up Wonders by Voitech Kubasta!

11) How Columbus Discovered America. Printed in Czechoslovakia and published in England by Bancroft and Co., Lon.(1960). 1st Eng. Ed. Closed dimensions are about 9 x 13". A true engineering feat by the highly imaginative Kubasta. Firstly, the front cover shows a ship's wheel and it actually turns to show Columbus' voyage across the Atlantic and back (a similar design on the back cover shows the entire map at once). Open the cover and on the left is a full-page illustration of the 3 ships being tossed about on a stormy sea. Next follows 8 pages of text, then follows a heavy card page with 5 scenes from Columbus' life. Turn this page outward and up pops the most amazing scene of the "Santa Maria", the "Pinta" and the "Nina" sitting peacefully in harbour in the New Land. The "Santa Maria" has real string rigging. Heavy card pictorial wraps with Blue cloth spine. Minor edgewear; the waves at front of pop-up are a little lazy to pop-up; the rivet securing the ship's wheel has left an indentation in the first page of text; o/w a VG+ wonderful copy. $290.00 12) The Tournament. Printed in Czechoslovakia and published in England by Bancroft and Co., Lon. (1961). 1st English Edition. Closed dimensions are about 9 x 13" tall. Another technical accomplishment by Kubasta. The 8 pages of text tell a story of the Black Knight taking on allcomers in a jousting tournament in front of the King and Queen at Noster Castle. The 2-page pop-up scene allows you to move the two mounted knights toward each other in a battle of strength and agility. Glossy heavy card covers with Red cloth spine. The same illustration on the front cover is repeated on the rear. Slight chipping of edges; a previous owner's sticker on bottom of front cover at spine; one of the two supports for the tent with the King and Queen has broken (this could be repaired but as it is, it does not affect the pop-up action); where the box for the horse on the right meets the ground, it was broken away at some point and has been glued in place and is holding fine; o/w a VG example of this impressive design. $275.00

Two Tip and Top Titles by Voitech Kubasta!

13) Tip + Top Build a Motorcar. Printed in Czechoslovakia and published in London by Bancroft & Co. (1962). 1st English Edition. Abt. 10 x 10", 12 pp. Designed and illustrated by the incredible Voitech Kubasta. Pictorial card wraps with decorative Blue cloth spine. Some minor chipping of edges; two address stickers from previous owner on spine; only two condition problems: something's bent on the undercarriage of Top's car (on right) in the first pop-up so he doesn't sit as upright as he should; in the same pop-up (not visible in the photo), one wing of the airplane has been squashed at one point but is now repaired; everything else pops up fine and moves as it should in all 6 wonderful scenes. A Very Good or better copy of a fragile collectible and one of Kubasta's best. $395.00 14) Tip + Top at the Zoo. Printed in Czechoslovakia and published in London by Bancroft & Co. (1961). 1st English Edition. Abt. 10 x 10", 12 pp. Designed and illustrated by the incredible V. Kubasta. Pictorial card wraps with decorative Yellow/Orange cloth spine. Some minor chipping of edges; only three condition problems: in pop-up 3, there is a crease in the camel's neck,(a common problem with this pop-up, and I've reinforced it at back); in the same pop-up, where Top is painting the cow, there is a little bit of paper torn from his vest; in pop-up 4, the alligator has hinged jaws and the lower jaw was torn away (now repaired with glue and holding fine--you can still raise the top jaw as intended); o/w all 6 pop-ups are working fine and looking great. Lots of movement with characters going up and down and back and forth. A VG or better copy of this fragile collectible. Simply a delight to behold! $385.00 15) Mary's Lamb, a two-page pop-up designed by Geraldine Clyne, famous for her pop-up series of the "Jolly Jump-Up" family. This pop-up published in New York by J. G. Publishing Co. No date (circa 1950). Closed measurements abt. 8 x 8-1/2". The same colourful illustration of Mary and her lamb going to the little one-room schoolhouse is on both front and back covers. Pull the front cover toward you to reveal the classroom scene with the teacher, five students and Mary's lamb, and the words to the Mary's Lamb poem. A delicate paper pop-up that I'm sure wasn't expected to survive this long. The girl in the Blue dress to the right and the Black- haired girl behind her are reluctant to stand when the pop-up is opened, but when they are positioned they maintain their posture (they are not damaged but the table between them just has a bend in the wrong direction); otherwise the only other flaw is the fact that the printing register is slightly off, giving a little blurriness to the covers and giving a second set of eyes to some of the characters. A charming reminder of simpler schooldays. $40.00
Lift-the-Flap Book (16) 16) "The Aircraft Lift-the-Flap Book" by Gerard Browne. Orchard Books, Lon. 1992. 1st Ed. Sq. 4 to., 18 pp. A fun and informative book where you simply lift the flaps that form the picture of the various types of aircraft and discover the working parts underneath. Included are: a Cessna, a Boeing 747, a Concorde, a Giant Helicopter, a Hercules Big-Load Carrier, a Mirage Jet, the Airbus A-340 and a futuristic Space Plane. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor chipping and rubbing; some minor creasing and chipping on three or four of the flaps; o/w a VG clean copy. $12.50 Freshwater Fishing (17) 17) "Freshwater Fishing: Timeless Quotes on Angling", a pop-up quote book compiled by Dawn Bentley. Illustrated by Paul Lackner. Paper engineering by Bruce Reifel. Published by Andrews and McMeel, Kansas City, Missouri. 1st Ed. 1997. An Intervisual book. Abt. 5 x 7", 10 pp. Has 4 pop-ups and lift-flap creel basket. An entertaining collection of fish and fishing quotes from Shakespeare, Washington Irving, Izaac Walton, Mark Twain and others, along with some brightly coloured illustrations and simple pop-ups. Glossy pictorial boards. Slightly rubbed; o/w a Near Fine copy. $10.00 Robin Hood (18) 18) "Robin Hood", a pop-up rhyme told by Nick Bantock. Viking Penguin, N.Y. (1993) Written, illustrated and designed by Bantock. Paper engineering by Bantock and Dennis K. Meyer. 16 mo., 12 pp. Using the same face, Bantock introduces the six main characters in the legend of Robin Hood with six simple pop-ups. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor rubbing; minor ding to bottom of spine; o/w a Near Fine copy. $22.50 19) "Jabberwocky: a Pop-Up Rhyme from "Through the Looking Glass" by Nick Bantock. Viking Penguin, N.Y., Tor. (1991). 1st Ed. 12 mo., 12 pp. "...a delightfully twisted pop-up version of Lewis Carroll's nonsense masterpiece". Glossy pictorial boards. Minor edgewear and rubbing; o/w a clean VG+ copy. $35.00 20) "Solomon Grundy", a pop-up rhyme retold and illustrated by Nick Bantock. (1992). Viking Penguin, N.Y., Tor. 16 mo., 12 pp. Illustrations, design and text adaptation by Bantock. Paper engineering by Bantock and Dennis Meyer. 6 imaginative pop-ups plus flaps introduce us to the life of Solomon Grundy of Mother Goose fame, from birth to death. "Solomon Marmaduke Fortescue Grundy, Born on a black and beastly Monday". Glossy pictorial boards. Minor wear at corners; o/w a Near Fine copy. $35.00 21) "There Was an Old Lady", a pop-up rhyme retold and illustrated by Nick Bantock. (1990). Viking Penguin, N.Y., Tor. 16 mo., 12 pp. A classic nursery rhyme with 6 vivid pop-up illustrations from the hilarious imagination of Nick Bantock. You'll recall the old lady who swallowed a fly, then a spider to catch the fly, a bird to catch the spider, and on until she swallowed a horse...she's dead of course. "Not recommended for viewing by grandmothers!" Glossy pictorial boards. Minor edgewear; the double pop- up page a little stiff to open but not damaged; o/w a Near Fine copy. Uncommon. $45.00 22) The Nutcracker: a magical pop-up adventure. Based on the story by Hoffman. Macmillan Children's Books, London. 2nd printing thus. (2003). Paper engineering by Nick Denchfield. Illustrations by Susan Scullard. Abt. 10-3/4" square, 10 pages with 5 huge pop-ups and other smaller pop-ups in corners. Join in with the opening of the children's presents on Christmas Eve, watch the midnight battle between the mice and the toy soldiers, then join Clara on her sleigh ride to the Land of Sweets. Glossy pictorial boards. All pop-ups in fine working order. Slight edgewear; one corner bumped; ding to top of spine; o/w a VG+ copy of an enchanting book for young and old. $24.00 (SOLD) 23) Lucie Attwell's Pop-Up Book of Rhymes. Dean's International Publishing, Lon., N.Y. 1985 printing. Abt. 6-1/2 x 9-1/4". 10 pp. including 3 simple pop-ups. Rhymes include: Baa Baa Black Sheep; Jack Spratt, Goosey, Goosey Gander, Rock- a-bye Baby, others. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor edgewear and rubbing; o/w VG+ with Attwell's adorable colour pictures of children and animals. $15.00 24) My Baby Jesus pop-up book by Aileen E. Passmore. Published by Dean and Son, London (1970). Probably first printing. Oblong 6-1/2 x 9-1/4", 8 pp. 3 pop-up scenes, including Mary and Joseph being directed to the stable, the angel appearing to the shepherds, and the three Wise Men bringing their gifts to Baby Jesus. The wonderful artwork is done by Janet and Anne Grahame-Johnson. Glossy pictorial boards with minor scuffing and two small chips from front cover and one on spine; crease in first pop-up from where the scene has been folding into the page incorrectly; o/w a VG clean copy. $12.50 25) Above My Head, Beneath My Feet by K.D. Plum. Price, Stern, Sloan, Los Angeles. 1st Edition (1997). Abt. 7-1/2 x 8-3/4" tall, 16 pp. An exciting exploration of the mysteries of the universe from a child's perspective. 14 of the pages have intriguing diecut flaps. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor edgewear and rubbing; o/w VG+. $18.50 Nightmares (26) 26) The Pop-Up Book of Nightmares...featuring 10 of your worst nightmares in realistic pop-up form. This outstanding pop-up book was created and written by Gary Greenberg, illustrated by Balvis Rubess, and engineered by Matthew Reinhart. Published by St. Martin's Press, N.Y. 2001. 1st Edition. Abt. 8-3/4 x 11-1/4" tall. 10 two-page pop-ups include: Taking an Exam; Car Accident; Falling Down Stairs; Infestation of Rats; Drowning; Haunted Bedroom; Naked in Public; Being Chased by Vicious Dogs; Giving Birth (to an Alien or have something go wrong at birth); and Apocalypse (or the end of the world as we know it). Red paper-covered boards. Fine copy. $24.50 (SOLD) 27) Here is a wonderful pop-up book of the British Royal Family as well as a lasting memento of Princess Diana. "The Royal Family Pop-Up Book" features text by Patrick Montague-Smith, a former editor of Debrett's Peerage, and paper engineering by Vic Duppa-Whyte. There are 6 outstanding pop-up scenes, including the "Royal Crawlabout" of Prince William, then 10 months old, in Auckland, New Zealand. All pop-ups and tabs work perfectly. There is some minor creasing to a couple of the tabs; the glossy pictorial cover has some rubbing and a couple of bumps, plus a short tear to the rear hinge of the spine; slight smokey odour; o/w still a VG copy of this 1st U.S. edition, published by Bounty Books in 1985. $20.00 28) Ten Terrific Trains: a Pop-Up Lift-the- Flap Book. Dutton Children's Books, N.Y. 1998. 1st U.S. Edition. Abt. 8-1/4 x 13-1/4". Take a ride on 10 fascinating trains that pop up in this exciting lift-the-flap book. Trains included are: an 1860's Steam Engine burning wood; a Passenger Coach pulled by the Steam Engine; a Freight Train Steam Engine burning coal; a Diesel-Electric Locomotive from 1930's America; the Modern Heavy-Freight Diesel of the 1950's onward; the Japanese Bullet Train; the Eurostar that travels under the English Channel; a Subway Train from the New York City subway system; plus examples of modern Sleeping Cars and Dining Cars. Lift the flaps to see what's going on inside each train engine and car. 5 double-side pop-ups. Minor edgewear and rubbing of covers; o/w a VG+ copy of this unique book. $18.00 (SOLD) 29) The Naughty Nineties: a Saucy Pop-Up Book for Adults Only. Price/Stern/Sloan, Los Angeles. Abt. 7 x 11-1/2" tall. 12 pages with 10 pop-ups. Designed and paper engineered by Keith Mosley and John Strejan. Illus. by Borje Svensson. "With deliciously suggestive illustrations and daring pop-ups, pull-tabs and action mechanics, The Naughty Nineties is guaranteed to rustle your bustle, pop your cork, and fog over your monocle!" Glossy pictorial boards. Pull-tabs a little soiled; covers a little discoloured; ding to bottom of spine; o/w a VG copy. $18.50 (SOLD) 30) "Disney's Pocahontas: Where's Percy?" Written by Anne Braybrooks. Illus. by Dicicco Digital Arts. A Mouse Works Window Box Book where you peek right into the three-dimensional scenes. 12 mo., 12 pp. 1st Ed. (1995) 5 colourful dioramas tell the story of John Smith and Pocahontas' search for Percy, Ratcliffe's dog, before the settlers start looking and stumble upon the Indian village. Glossy pictorial boards. Slight edgewear and rubbing; o/w a Near Fine copy. $9.50 31) Disney's Hercules: a Monster Pop-Up. Disney Enterprises, N.Y. (1997). 1st Edition. Abt. 10-1/4" square, 10 pp. Designed by Graham Brown; illustrated by Mike Peterkin; paper engineering by Ruth Wickings. Text by Lisa Marsoli. Hercules battles the most terrifying creatures in the mythological world in order to save Meg. Glossy pictorial boards. A bit of edgewear; minor dings to top and bottom of spine; o/w VG+. $11.50 32) "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", a pop- up storybook theatre. Retold by Teddy Slater. Illus. by Lane Yerkes. Ottenheimer Publishers, Baltimore. (1995). Abt. 9-1/2 x 10". Features 4 3-sided scenes with 2 pages of text in the centre. Paper engineering by Bruce Foster and Ed Galm. Cleverly opens to show all 4 scenes at once. Glossy pictorial boards. Slight edgewear and rubbing; o/w a VG+ copy. $10.50 33) The 1st British Ed. of "The Coming of Mammals: A New World", an exciting pop-up that shows some of the largest and most unusual mammals from the past, all of them now extinct. Child's Play International(1986) Abt. 8-3/4 x 11-1/2", 18 pages. Written by Melvin Berger. Illus. by Robert Cremins. Paper Engineering by the talented Keith Moseley. 8 pop-ups and 2 pull-tabs, all in perfect working condition. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor edgewear and rubbing; o/w a VG+ clean copy. $17.50 34) "I Love to Eat Bugs!" An uncommon pop-up book from John Strejan, wholly written, illustrated and paper-engineered by him. Van der Mer publishing, a Division of PHPC (1997). A big 9-3/4 x 12" tall. 5 fabulous, full-page animal pop-ups and one flap. A wide-mouth frog discusses dinner preferences with various hungry beasts until he finds one who would like to have him for dinner. Glossy pictorial boards. Couple of dings to spine; minor rubbing; prev. owner's name on inside front cover; top corner of pages bent; still a VG copy with no damage to the pop-ups. $27.50 (SOLD) 35) Frontier Town: a Panorama Pop-Up Book. Published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, N.Y. (1982) 1st Edition. Story by Peter Seymour. Illustrations by Marvin Boggs and Borje Svensson. Design and Paper Engineering by Keith Moseley. Closed, the book is abt. 6 x 8-1/2" tall. Opened, with the four pop-up scenes folded down, the panorama is abt. 22" wide. The first scene shows a stagecoach that's just come to town; open the stage door to show a well-dressed woman about to get out. The second scene shows the General Store, with the Millery upstairs. The third scene shows the Sheriff's office and the Telegraph Office upstairs. The fourth scene shows a livery stable with the blacksmith shoeing a horse and a girl helping her brother up onto the back of a mule. Two pages of text, plus two half pages explaining the scenes. A couple of the figures have creases; some damage to the first pop-up because of wear to the watertrough where one horse's nose is supposed to clip-on (repairable); prev. owner's name on first page. Otherwise a VG copy of a very interesting pop-up look at the Old West. $14.50 (SOLD) 36) Dr. Ernest Drake's Dragonology: the Complete Book of Dragons. Edited by Dugald Steer. Published by Candlewick Press, Cambridge, MA. (2003) 1st U.S. Edition, second printing. Tall 4 to. (12 x 10-1/4"), 28 pp., including a two-page map with fold-outs showing where dragons existed in the world. An exciting compendium of dragon facts and fabulous illustrations by Wayne Anderson and Helen Ward. A flap book, plus envelopes to open. Padded, decorated cloth cover with glass gems embedded in the front cover and in the inside rear cover. Near Fine. $23.50 37) "The Modern Ark: the Endangered Wildlife of Our Planet" by Claire Littlejohn. World International Publishing, Manchester (1989). Sm. folio, unpaginated (17 pp.). 32 animals are pictured and described...all are at risk, some endangered. In a pocket inside the front cover is an unopened packet with an easy-to-assemble model ark that requires no glue or scissors. There are 32 pairs of press-out animals to place within their natural habitats. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor edgewear and rubbing; o/w a VG+ copy. $25.50 38) "Nature's Savage Cats" by Alice Burdett. Published by Dial Books for Young Readers. N.Y. (1993). 1st Edition. Abt. 8-1/2 x 11-1/2" tall, 14 pp., including 6 pop-ups and an unfolding partial page for each pop-up with extra facts on the big cats. Stalk prey with the mighty tiger, the astonishingly swift caracal, the cunning leopard, the lightning-fast cheetah, the majestic lion and the agile puma. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor edgewear; crease in lion's mane; o/w a VG+ copy. $15.50 39) Seven Modern Wonders of the World by Celia King. A marvelous little pop-up published by Raincoast Books, Vancouver, B.C. 1st Can. Edition. n.d. (circa 1990's). Abt. 4-1/2 x 5-3/4" tall, 30 pp. The 7 wonders in this book were built during a period of time that spans only 86 years, 1851 to 1937. The wonders pictured in two-page pop-ups are: The Crystal Palace, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Panama Canal, The Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building, The Trans-Siberian Railway, and The Stature of Liberty. There is a 2-page Introduction and a 2-page explanation of each wonder. Glossy pictorial boards. Slight edgewear and rubbing; o/w Near Fine. $14.00 40) Six Brave Explorers by Kees Moerbeek and Carla Dijs. Published by Fenn Publishing Co., produced in Santa Monica, CA by Intervisual Books. (1992). Abt. 5-1/4" tall, 12 pp. The tale of a diminishing group of explorers who visit exotic lands. "One smart explorer finally used his head. He hurried home alone and there he stayed in bed." Glossy pictorial boards; Blue ribbon at top to hang book. Minor ding to edge of both boards; o/w a VG+ copy with 6 perfect pop-ups. $7.50 41) Keep Smiling! A Looney Tunes Pop-Up Book starring Wily Coyote and the Roadrunner. Warner Books, N.Y. 1996. 1st Edition. Abt. 3-1/2 x 4-1/4" tall, 10 pp. with 5 zany pop-ups. Paper engineering by Renee Jablow. As usual, things don't always go smoothly for Mr. Coyote. Glossy pictorial boards. A VG+ copy. $8.00 42) Beware of the Pog! A Mix and Match Pop-Up Book by Kees Moerbeek. Intervisual Communications, Los Angeles. (1988) Abt. 5 x 9-3/4" tall. A fun book that consists of 5 two-page pop-up images of a cat, a sheep, a pig, a bull, and a dog. The pictures are split in half so you can mix and match to create wildly different animals. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor edgewear and rubbing of covers; minor discolouring of margins; o/w a Vg copy. $12.50 43) "Pandora's Box: a 3-Dimensional Celebration of Greek Mythology" by Christos Kondeatis & Sara Maitland. Bullfinch Press/Little Brown and Co., Bos., Tor., N.Y. (1995). 1st Edition. An interactive package that includes a pop-up book and an activity box with two die-cut masks, a board game and more. Near Fine in original shrinkwrap. $35.00

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