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1.  (Africa). Sungura and Leopard, A Swahili Trickster
Tale by Barbara Knutson. Little, Brown and Co., Boston,
Tor., Lon. (1993). 1st Edition. 4 to., unpaginated (32 pp.).
A retelling of a story from Tanzania, though the author
admits to finding another version from neighbouring
Malawi. In folklore, a trickster is a smaller animal
who usually manages to outwit its bigger, fiercer
neighbours. A leopard and a hare begin building a
house on the same hill in the same place without at
first realizing it. Many wonderful watercolour
and ink on scratchboard illus. by the author.
Yellow cloth with Rust cloth spine.
Minor edgewear; a minor crease on a few pages;
o/w VG in VG pictorial d.j. with minor fading
and chipping.                  $13.50

2.  (Africa). Tales of Mogho: African Stories from
Upper Volta by Frederic Guirma. Macmillan Co., N.Y.
and Lon. 1st Edition. (1971) 8 vo., 113 pp. A 
collection of 8 magnificent folk tales appearing 
here for the first time in any language. They are 
part of the venerable oral tradition of the Mossi 
people in West Africa. Illus. in pen-and-ink by 
the author. Orange cloth. Minor edgewear; minor 
ding to bottom of spine; o/w VG in G+ pictorial 
d.j. that is price-clipped and has minor chipping 
and one short taped tear.           $13.50

3.   (Africa). African Wonder Tales by Frances Carpenter.
Doubleday & Co., Gardern City, N.Y. (1963). Later
printing. 8 vo., 215 pp. "All the humor, the cunning,
and the native wisdom from that vast continent are
present in the stories of animal as well as human adventures,
and, as always in Frances Carpenter's books, the reader
is left with a feeling that although the locale may be 
exotic, human nature is much the same all over the world."
Numerous line drawings by Joseph Escourido. Two dozen
entertaining tales from Egypt to South Africa. Blue cloth.
Minor edgewear; "remainder spray" on bottomedges; prev.
owner's name on f.e.p.; small repaired tear at top of
outer front hinge; o/w VG in Good Only d.j.  $11.00

4.    (Africa) Nobiah's Well, a Modern African
Folktale by Donna W. Guthrie. Ideals Children's
Books, Nashville, Tennessee. 1st Edition (1993).
Sq. 4 to., 32 pp. An engaging story about a small
African boy who was supposed to bring a jar of
water for his family from a well miles away. On
his trip home, he generously gives water to a
hedgehog, a mother hyena and her two cubs and to
an ant bear. That night the animals help Nobiah
dig a well near his own home and thereafter his
village has its own water. Striking colour
illus. by Rob Roth. Glossy pictorial boards.
Minor edgewear and rubbing; o/w a VG+ copy.  $17.50

5.   (Africa) Off to the Sweet Shores of Africa
and Other Talking Drum Rhymes by Uzo Unobagha. Chronicle
Books, San Francisco. 1st Edition (2000). Oblong 4 to., 
unpaginated (48 pp.). Similar to Mother Goose rhymes,
this collection of poems embody simple, rhythmic
language perfect for youn children and beginning readers.
Unlike Mother Goose rhymes, these rhymes are quintessentially
African. They feature African objects, offer a wealth of 
African names and places, and reflect distinctly African
social mores and themes, like the traditions of telling
folktales around firelight and playing by the light of
the moon. Perfectly illustrated in colour by Julia
Cairns. Glossy pictorial boards. Near Fine in 
matching VG+ d.j.                          $16.50

6.   (Animal) Crow and Fox and Other Animal Legends by
Jan Thornhill. Greey de Pencier Books, Toronto (1993).
1st Can. Edition. 4 to., 32 pp. The collector of these
tales chose a story from one continent with two animal characters.
She then moved from one continent to another, with one
animal character from each story taking her to her next
destination. For instance, the first story is from India
about the "Elephant and Hare", the next story is "Hare
and Tortoise" from West Africa, and the following story
is "Tortoise and Crane" from China. There are 9 stories
in all, each with a colourful, full-page illus. by
the author. Glossy pictorial boards. Slight edgewear
and rubbing; o/w VG+.                 $12.50

7.   (Argentina) The Magic Bean Tree: a Legend from
Argentina. Retold by Nancy Van Laan. Houghton Mifflin,
Boston. 1st Edition. 1998. Tall 4 to., unpaginated (32 pp.).
A young Quechuan boy sets out on his own to bring the
rains back to his parched homeland and is rewarded by
a gift of carob beans that come to be prized across Argentina.
Vivid colour illus. by Beatriz Vidal. Glossy pictorial
boards. Minor wear on edges and corners; o/w VG.  $14.50

8.   (Australia). Australian Legendary Tales: being
the two collections "Australian Legendary Tales" & 
"More Australian Legendary Tales" collected from
various sources by Mrs. K. Langloh Parker. Introduced
by Andrew Lang and Wandjuk Marika. Bodley Head,
Lon., Sydney, Tor. 1978. 1st Collected Edition Thus.
4 to., 191 pp., incl. chapter-head b/w illus. by 
Queensland artist, Rex Backhaus-Smith. These two 
collections were originally published separately 
in 1896 and 1898. Together there are 54 stories. 
Both books  have prefaces by the author who 
collected the tales, and introductions  by Andrew 
Lang and Wandjuk Marika, the Chairman of the 
Aboriginal Arts Board. Wine cloth with Gold 
lettering and decoration on spine.  Slight 
edgewear, o/w VG+ in price-clipped, slightly 
chipped and rubbed  VG d.j.       $26.50

9.  (Breton).  King of the Cats and Other Tales
by Natalie Savage Carlson. Doubleday & Co., N.Y.
1st Edition (1980) 8 vo., 72 pp.
The author spins 8 fascinating
tales about the legendary creatures of Breton
folklore. The stories are presented as being
told by an old woman, Mam Marig, who is relating
them to her granddaughter. Exquisite illustrations
from woodcuts by David Frampton. Glossy pictorial
boards. Minor edgewear; remainder spray on 
bottomedges; o/w VG in VG matching pictorial d.j.
with some chipping and rubbing.    $13.50

10.   (Bulfinch) The Age of Fable: the Illustrated
Bulfinch's Mythology. MacMillan, N.Y. 1997. 1st
U.S. Edition Thus. 4 to., 256 pp. First published
in 1855, "The Age of Fable" is a collection of
myths and legends of ancient Greek and Roman
heroes and heroines, along with those of fierce
Nordic warriors, Celtic sages and sun worshippers,
and Egyptian pharaohs, the Phoenix, the Unicorn and
other monsters. This edition beautifully illustrated
in colour by Giovanni Caselli. Heavy card, pictorial
wraps. Minor chipping; o/w a Near Fine copy.  $15.50

11.   (Canada) The Trouble with Adventurers by
Christie Harris. McClelland and Stewart, Tor.
1982. 1st Edition. 8 vo., 162 pp. The native
people of the Northwest Coast told many stories
of adventurers who did incredible deeds,
sometimes with the help of spirits, sometimes
without. Several b/w drawings by Douglas Tait.
Red cloth. Minor edgewear; o/w VG+ in VG
pictorial d.j. with one short tear and
minor chipping.                    $21.50

12.    (Canada) Harris, Christie. Trouble with Princesses. 
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 8 vo. 170 pp. 1st Ed. 1980. 
Several stories about New World princesses with introductions
that show some Old World princesses who were not so 
different. Several b/w illus. by Douglas Tait. Tan cloth. 
Minor edgewear; o/w  VG+ in VG pictorial d.j. with minor 
chipping and rubbing.                              $20.00

13.   (Canada) Nanogak, Agnes. More Tales from the Igloo.
Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton. 1st Edition (1986). Oblong 8 vo.,
116 pp. Beast fables, stories of epic fables and everyday life
among the Inuit. Collected and retold by Agnes Nanogak who
also contributed the numerous bewitching illustrations. Blue
cloth. Slight edgewear; one corner bumped; large gift inscription
on f.e.p.; o/w a VG copy in VG pictorial d.j.    $14.50


14.   (Canada) Amorak, based on legends of the Inuit.
Creative Editions, Mankato, Minnesota. 1st Ed. 1994.
Told and exceptionally illustrated by Tim Jessell. 
"Amorak" means "the spirit of the wolf". Jessell tells
the succinct story of how the wolf and the caribou
came to be brothers--how, though the wolf hunts the
caribou, both are part of the same spirit. His timeless 
and somewhat eerie illustrations and winter, the howl  
of the wolf and thundering hooves of a caribou herd.
Black cloth. Slight edgewear; o/w Near Fine in VG
pictorial d.j. "American Bookseller Pick of the Lists" 
sticker on front panel of d.j.     $21.50

15.  (Canada) How We Saw the World: Nine Native Stories of
the way things began. Collected and illustrated in vivid
colour by C.J. Taylor. Tundra Books, Montreal. 1st Edition
(1993). Tall 4 to., 32 pp. Mohawk artist C.J. Taylor has chosen
9 legends which give us insight into how North America was seen
by its first inhabitants. Here are the origins of tornadoes, 
forest fires, butterflies, horses, Niagara Falls and the islands
of the Northwest Coast. Also, how winter was pushed back, why
dogs are our best friends and a funny explanation of how owls
and rabbits came to look the way they do. Included are stories
from these peoples: Algonquin, Bella Coola, Blackfoot, Cheyenne,
Kiowa, Micmac, Mohawk, Oneida and Tohono O'odhan. Glossy
pictorial boards. Slight edgewear; o/w Near Fine in VG+
matching pictorial d.j. with a couple of short taped tears.  $16.50

16.   (Canada and the United States) The Song of Creation by
Helmut Hirnschall. Plainsman Publications, West Vancouver, B.C.
1st Edition (1979). 4 to., unpaginated (89 pp.). Hirnschall has
created a wonderful book of 40 stories based on North American
Indian myths, including stories from these peoples: Zuni, Huron,
Hopi, Iroquois, Micmac, Wabanaki, Tlingit, Haida, Kwakiutl, Wasco,
Pawnee, Salish, Ojibway, Chippewa, Bella Coola, Snohomish, Nootka,
Sioux, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Okanogan, Navajo, Tsimsian, Yakima,
Sekani, Squamish and Munsee. An accomplished artist, Hirnshall
has provided a full-page colour illustration and a small b/w
illustration for each myth. Handsome linen cloth with raven mask
illustration impressed on front board. Slight edgewear; o/w
VG+ in VG+ pictorial d.j.                              $20.00

17.   (Canada and the United States) The Songs My 
Paddle Sings:  Native American Legends, collected 
by James Riordan. Pavilion Books, London. 1st Edition. 
1996. Tall 4 to., 128 pp. A fascinating collection of
20 North American Indian legends, 12 from Canada
and 8 from the United States. Riordan spent
many years travelling North America, getting to
know the native people and listening to their
stories. In her Foreword, Shirley Little Dove
Custalow McGowan from the Mattaponi Reservation
in Virginia states: "This classic collection of
Native American Indian stories has indeed
expressed the heart of the Native American Indian
people and demonstrates how knowledge, respect
and honour was passed on through stories". Many
wonderful colour illustrations by Michael Foreman.
Illus. e.p.'s. Red cloth. Minor edgewear; o/w
VG+ in VG pictorial d.j. with some chipping.  $20.00

18.   (China) Liyi, He. Spring of Butterflies, The: And Other 
Folk Tales of China's Minority Peoples. ill. Pan Aiqing and 
Li Zhao. New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1986. 1st U.S. 
Ed.. 8 vo., 144 pp., incl. 14 rich, exotic, color illustrations 
from paintings by a young married couple who live in Beihai city. 
The wonderful stories are from people in China who are not strictly 
Chinese: they are Tibetan, or Thai, or Uighur, or, like the 
translator himself, Bai from Yunnan in southwest China. Their 
traditional stories were translated into Chinese and a few are
here translated into English by He Liyi. Red cloth. Very 
slight edgewear; rear e.p. has a crease in it; o/w Near Fine 
in slightly rubbed, VG+ pictorial d.j.         $17.50

19.  (Cornwall). The Little People's Pageant
of Cornish Legends, compiled by Eric Quayle.
Simon & Schuster, N.Y. 1st U.S. Edition. (1986)
4 to., 108 pp., including many haunting and 
amusing illustrations by Michael Foreman in b/w  
and colour. Colour e.p.'s. Quayle has compiled a 
collection of 12 traditional legends from the 
remote villages of Cornwall, celebrating their 
Celtic past. You'll encounter giants, little 
people, witches, devils, an outrageously naughty 
imp and a beautiful mermaid. Glossy pictorial 
boards. Black remainder mark on bottom edges; 
o/w NF in slightly chipped and rubbed VG+ 
pictorial d.j. Originally publ'd in England 
under the title, "The Magic Ointment and Other 
Cornish Legends".                  $15.50

20.   (Far East) Folk Tales From the Far East by
Charles H. Meeker. John C. Winston Co., Chi., Phil.,
Tor. (1927). Probable 1st Edition. 8 vo., 254 pp.
34 delightful tales with colour frontispiece,
colour front cover, green/white illus. e.p.'s and
many b/w drawings, all by Frederick Richardson.
Part of Winston's "The Children's Bookshelf" series.
Green cloth with paste-on illus. on front panel.
Minor edgewear; some fading of spine; poor paper
slightly discoloured; o/w a VG clean copy.   $30.00

21.  (German) Swan Lake, A Traditional Folktale
retold by Anthea Bell. Picture Book Studio, Lon.
and Bos. (1986). 1st English language edition.
4 to., unpaginated (26 pp.). The original idea for
the story of Swan Lake was based on themes from an
18th century tale "Der Geraubte Schleier" by J.K.
A. Musaeus. His rather ornate story was adapted over
the years by many, including an adaption for a ballet
by Tchaikovsky. This book follows the story of the
ballet: a prince's love for a swan queen overcomes an
evil sorcerer's spell. Sumptious watercolour illus.
by Japanese artist Chihiro Iwasaki. Glossy pictorial
boards. Slight edgewear and rubbing; o/w VG+ in
VG pictorial d.j.                      $15.00

22.    (German) King of Magic, Man of Glass: a German
Folk Tale. Retold by Judith Kinter. Clarion Books,
N.Y. 1st Edition Thus (1998). 4 to., 42 pp. The origins
of this story can be traced to Willhelm Hauff. "Even after 
his magical godfather sends him home from the Black Forest 
with a sackful of coins, a young man refuses to listen 
to his mother and be content with his simple life." 
Illustrated in colour by Dirk Zimmer. Glossy pictorial
boards. Slight edgewear and rubbing; o/w Near Fine.  $12.50

23.   (Great Britain) A Bag of Moonshine: a new
collection of stories chosen from the folklore of
England and Wales. Retold by Alan Garner. His feel
for story make this book ideal for reading aloud
to quite young children, while slightly older
children will enjoy reading the stories to
themselves. All ages will delight in the marvellous
mixture of magic and enchantment, wizardry and
trickery. Many fine colour and b/w illustrations 
by Patrick James Lynch. Blue cloth. Minor edgewear; 
o/w VG+ in VG pictorial d.j.            $14.50

24.   (Great Britain) Island of the Mighty: Stories
of Old Britain. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 1987.
1st Edition. Tall 4 to., 80 pp. Haydn Middleton gives a 
fresh and readable retelling of the Welsh legends drawn  
from the Mabinogion and many other sources. This is the
story of Britain beyond the mists of history--when
it was known as Island of the Mighty. Striking illus. in
colour and b/w by Anthea Toorchen. Glossy pictorial boards.
Minor edgewear and rubbing; name stamp inside front
cover; o/w VG+ in a VG pictorial d.j.        $15.50

25.    (Hungary) The Tree That Reached the Sky:
Hungarian Folktales. Adapted by Elek Benedek
and Gyula Illyes. Corvina. 1990. 2nd Edition.
Tall 4 to., 64 pp. Stories include: "The Princess
of the Western Sun"; "Tom Thumb"; "The Ugly
Prince and the Beautiful Princess"; "The Tree
That Reached the Sky"; "The Old Fisherman and
His Greedy Wife"; plus 3 others. Translations
into English by Judith Elliott and Caroline
Bodoczky. Numerous colourful and fanciful
illustrations by Gabriella Hajnal. Glossy White
pictorial boards. Minor edgewear; boards
slightly warped; 2 page tears repaired; o/w
a G+ copy of an interesting collection.  $13.50

26.  (Ireland) A Treasury of Irish Myth, Legend
and Folklore, consisting of "Fairy and Folk 
Tales of the Irish Peasantry", edited by W.B. Yeats;
and "Cuchulain of Muirthemne" by Lady Gregory.
Compliled and edited by Claire Booss. Avenel Books,
N.Y. 1986. 5th printing. 8 vo., 704 pp. A few
assorted b/w illus. from various sources. Colour
illus. on front panel of d.j. is by Arthur Rackham
from "Goblin Market". Green cloth. Minor edgewear
and rubbing; o/w VG+ in a VG pictorial d.j.  $15.50

27.    (Japan) Smith, Richard Gordon. Ancient Tales and Folklore of 
Japan. B. Mitchell, Toronto. 1986. Reprint of A & C Black 1918 ed.  
8 vo., 361 pp. plus 62 full-page illustrations in colour by Japanese 
artists. A treasure trove of ancient oriental life: many of the stories 
are of the samurai and the famous warriors of the past but there are 
many stories also of love and passion while strange ghosts and eerie 
gods stalk like spectres through the pages. Grey cloth. Slight shelf-wear,  
o/w VG+ in slightly chipped and rubbed VG d.j.       $24.50

28.    (Mid-East)  The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time by Anne Baring.
Barefoot Books, Bath and Boston. 1st Edition. 1993. Tall 4 to., 40 pp.
The story is inspired by the great Persian poet Farid ud-Din Attar's
classic 12th century allegory "The Conference of the Birds". Although
the modern retelling tells of how the Earth asks the birds to get a 
message from the Great Being as to how the poisoning of her land and
rivers and oceans can be stopped, the central theme of Attar's poem--
the need to awaken the heart--is still relevant today. Magnificent
illustrations from the dyed paintings of Thetis Blacker. Blue cloth.
Slight edgewear; minor ding to top of spine; o/w VG+ in VG+
pictorial d.j.                                         $15.00

29.   (Middle Ages) Curious Myths of the Middle Ages
by the Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould. Edited and with an
Introduction by Edward Hardy. Crescent Books, New
York. 1987. 1st Edition Thus. Sm. 8 vo., 160 pp. Rev.
Sabine Baring-Gould's book was first published in
1866 and was reprinted many times over the next 25
years. It is an immensely readable volume and the only
one that conveniently collects together all of those
strange and compelling myths and legends that are
so much a part of the Middle Ages. Edward Hardy has
skillfully edited the original lengthy text whilst
preserving Baring-Gould's style and manner. Included are:
The Wandering Jew; Prester John; The Divining Rod;
The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus; William Tell; The
Dog Gellert; Antichrist and Pope Joan; St. Patrick's
Purgatory; St. George; St. Ursula and the Eleven
Thousand Virgins; The Piper of Hamelin; Melusina;
and more. Full-page illustrations from the famous
woodcuts of Albrecht Durer. Wine cloth. Slight
edgewear; part of a price-sticker on f.e.p.; some
ink residue on r.e.p.; poor paper used has
discoloured; o/w a G+ to -VG copy in a G+ pictorial
d.j. with some rubbing and a taped tear to rear
panel.                                  $12.50

30.    (Russia) The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship: A Russian
Tale, retold by Arthur Ransome. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, N.Y. (1968).
Later printing. The story was originally published in 1916 as part of
"Old Peter's Russian Tales" by Ransome. Oblong 4 to., unpaginated (48 pp.).
An entertaining story told by a master storyteller. The Fool of the World
wins the hand of the Czar's daughter after overcoming enormous obstacles.
The spirited, detailed colour illustrations won the Caldecott Medal for
1969 for artist Uri Shulevitz. Decorated endpapers. Burgundy cloth with
Red embossed decoration. Minor edgewear; minor bump to top and bottom
of spine; o/w a VG+ copy in a G+ pictorial d.j., price-clipped and 
with some chipping and rubbing; a Gold Caldecott Medal affixed to front 
panel.                          $17.50

31.   (Russia) Heroes, Monsters and Other Worlds 
from Russian Mythology. Douglas & McIntyre, Van.
1985. 1st Canadian Edition. Tall 4 to., 132 pp.
Text by Elizabeth Warner. Here are the old stories
and legends of the Russian people, including
tales of ancient gods and heroes, of giants, dragons
and monsters, witches and wizards, wonderful
animals and mysterious shape-changers. Enhanced
by 18 large colour paintings by Russian artist
Alexander Koshkin. Red cloth. Minor edgewear;
o/w VG+ in VG pictorial d.j.      $20.00

32.   (Russia) How Much Land Does a Man Need? by
Leo Tolstoy. Crocodile Books, N.Y. 2002. Tall 4 to.,
unpaginated (35 pp.). The enchanting story of the
greedy peasant Pakhom, abridged and adapted for
children from Tolstoy's 1886 original. Many fine
detailed and colourful illus. by Elena Abesinova
who lives and works in Kiev. Illus. e.p.'s. 
Glossy pictorial boards. Slight edgewear; o/w
Near Fine in VG+ matching pictorial d.j.  $15.50

33.   (Russia) Stupid Emilien by S.T. Mendelson. 
Stewart, Tabori & Chang, N.Y. 1st Edition. 1991. Tall 4 to.,
32 pp. A witty adaptation of a traditional Russian folk
tale in which a Russian peasant known as Stupid Emilien
manages to outwit the Czar and marry his daughter. In his
vibrant illustrations, Mendelson presents us with a 
czarist Russia of little white rabbits, from bunny icons
to dancing cossack bunnies, to relate this age-old tale
of power and greed, magic and love. Blue cloth. Minor
edgewear and discolouring of edges; gift inscription on
f.e.p.; o/w a VG copy in VG pictorial d.j.    $14.50

34.   (Scandinavia) East o' the Sun & West of the
Moon, an old Norse tale translated by Sir George Webbe
Dasent and illustrated in colour by Gillian Barlow.
Philomel Books, New York (1988). 1st Edition Thus.
4 to., unpaginated (32 pp.). With her charming artwork,
Ms. Barlow gives new meaning and enchantment to one
of the world's most loved fairy tales. A great white
bear offers a poor peasant family endless wealth in
trade for its youngest and most beautiful daughter.
The daughter agrees to the offer and travels "east of
the sun and west of the moon", where she finds her bear
is an enchanted prince and she must break the spell that
imprisons him in a magic castle. Blue decorated glossy
boards. Minor edgewear and rubbing; o/w VG+ in a VG
pictorial d.j.                       $12.50

35.   (United States) North American Legends, edited by
Virginia Haviland. Philomel Books, (1979). Probable 1st
Edition. 8 vo., 214 pp. Included in this extensive
collection are: Indian and Eskimo Tales; Black American
Tales; European Tales Brought by Emigrants; and the Tall
Tales that bring back the spirit of the early American
frontier. Numerous b/w illus. by Ann Strugnell. Orange
paper-on-boards with Blue cloth spine. Minor edgewear;
o/w Near Fine in a VG+ price-clipped d.j.    $17.50

36.   (United States) The Miser on the Mountain: a
Nisqually Legend of Mount Rainier. Retold by Nancy Luenn.
Sasquatch Books, Seattle. Sm. folio, unpaginated (32 pp.).
The story of Latsut, a greedy man who travels to the
the summit of the forbidden slopes of Mount Rainier
to find treasured shells, called "hiaqua", and his
difficult journey back down. One and two-page colour
illustrations by Pierr Morgan. Glossy pictorial boards.
Some shelf-wear; minor ding to bottom of spine; o/w
a VG copy in a VG matching d.j. that is price-clipped
and has a minor stain on rear flap.      $15.00 

37.   (United States)Bo Rabbit Smart For True:
Tall Tales from the Gullah. Philomel Books,
N.Y. 1995. Revised Edition. Oblong 4 to., 71 pp.
Retold by Priscilla Jaquith and illustrated with
many b/w drawings by Ed Young. Clever Bo Rabbit
outwits Elephant and Whale, teaches Alligator
a lesson, puts Rattlesnake back in his place, and
is smart enough to learn from someone even 
smarter than he. These tales and more are drawn
from the folktales of the Gullah people of the
Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia. 2
additional illustrated tales than in the original
1981 edition. Red cloth. Minor shelf-wear; minor
sticker damage to f.e.p.; o/w VG in VG slightly
chipped and rubbed d.j.           $13.50

38.   (Vietnam) Children of the Dragon: Selected Tales
from Vietnam, retold by Sherry Garland. Harcourt Inc.,
N.Y. (2001) 1st Edition. Sq. 4 to., 58 pp. Simple tales
about the origins of plants, animals and other natural
phenomena, and yet they illuminate profound truths about
humility, generosity and compassion. Lovely colour illus.
by award-winning Trina Schart Hyman. Glossy pictorial
boards. Slight edgewear; slight ripple to a few pages;
minor ding to bottom of spine; one corner mildly bumped;
o/w a VG+ copy in a VG+ matching pictorial d.j.   $14.50

36a.  Another copy. As above but Near Fine with just
one mildly bumped corner, in NF d.j.      $16.50

39.   (World) The Haunted Castle. Retelling of
traditional folk and fairy tales by Ruth Manning-
Sanders. Angus & Robertson, Lon., Sydney, Melbourne.
4 to., 96 pp. 1st Edition. 1979. In the title story,
from Estonia, Good Hans wins a vast treasure of
gold and silver, against all the odds, and becomes
immensely rich. Other tales feature princesses, kings
and queens, ghosts and giants. All the stories end
happily, after the hero or heroine has been through
times of trouble and despair. Among the 12 stories
are "Little Pot, Cook!" from Czechoslovakia; "The
Spirits in the Rat-Hole" from Africa; "The Crow and
the Pelicans" from Australia; and, "Melitsa the
Beautiful" from Hungary. Several b/w illustrations
by Kilmeny Niland. Brown cloth. Minor edgewear;
slight discolouring of foredges; o/w a VG or better
copy in a VG pictorial d.j.          $25.00

40.   (World) Tales of Wisdom & Wonder, retold
by Hugh Lupton. Barefoot Books, Kingswood, Bristol.
1st Edition. 1998. 4 to., 64 pp. A book of magical
transformations in seven stories: Haitian, Cree,
English, French, West African, Russian and Irish.
The images are beautifully captured in the quirky
illustrations of Niamh Sharkey. Glossy pictorial
boards. Minor edgewear; the tips of a few pages
have been turned; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG matching
d.j. that is price-clipped and has a couple of
short, taped tears.               $16.50

41.  (World) Tales of Wonder and Magic, collected
by Berlie Doherty. Candlewick Press, Cambridge, Mass.
1st U.S. Edition. 1998. 4 to., 110 pp. Master storyteller
Doherty conjures ten magical tales from many cultures,
including one tale of her own imagining. From Africa
and Australia across the world to the British Isles,
Canada and the southern United States, these are folktales
told in words that unveil and honour the timeless wisdom
of ancient people. Among the ten stories are: "The Girl
from Llyn Y Fan Fach" from Wales; "Chura and Marwe" from
Africa; "The Bogles and the Moon", an English Folktale;
"Tamlane" from Scotland; "The Boy of the Red Twilight Sky"
from Canada; "The People Could Fly" from the U.S.; "The
Black Bull of Norroway" from Ireland; "Mirragen the Cat-
Man", an Australian Aboriginal story; "The Girl Who
Couldn't Walk" by Doherty; and "The Woman of the Sea"
from the Shetland Isles. Illustrated and
decorated in haunting beauty by Juan Wijngaard. Wine
cloth. Minor edgewear; o/w VG+ in VG+ pictorial d.j.  $17.50

42.    (Biblical) Biblical Myths & Mysteries
by Rev. Gilbert Thurlow. Octopus Books,
Lon. 1974. 1st Edition. Tall 4 to., 72 pp.
An All-Color Book. Rev. Thurlow, then Dean
of Gloucester, takes the well-known stories
of the Old Testament and explains the purpose
and symbolism behind the myths, showing
where myth ends and history begins. Superbly
illustrated with photos of medieval stained
glass, woodwork, reliefs, illuminated
manuscripts and murals from Europe and the
East. Illus. e.p.'s. Pictorial Blue cloth. 
Minor wear and soiling of edges; o/w VG in
VG pictorial d.j.           $13.50


43.    (King Arthur) The Romance of King Arthur and
His Knights of the Round Table. Abridged from Thomas
Malory's Morte D'Arthur by Alfred W. Pollard.
Weathervane Books, N.Y. (1977). 1st Weathervane ed.
8 vo., 502 pp. plus Glossary and 16 colour plates
by Arthur Rackham. The Rackham illus. lack the colour
and clarity of earlier editions but nevertheless,
along with 12 full-page b/w drawings, nicely adorn
this handsome and substantial edition. Green cloth.
Minor edgewear; o/w VG+ in VG pictorial d.j.  $26.50

43a.   (King Arthur) Another copy. Later Weathervane
printing. VG+ in VG pictorial d.j.           $18.50

44.    (King Arthur) The Boy's King Arthur. Sir Thomas Malory's
History of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table. Edited
for boys by Sidney Lanier. Charles Scribner's Sons, N.Y. 1945 ed.
8 vo., 321 pp. Features 9 full-page colour plates, illus. half-
title, endpapers and front cover by N.C. Wyeth. Black cloth with
paste-on paper illus. Moderate edgewear; corners bumped; few 
chips and scratches on front cover plate; top corner of most pages
bent; front hinge cracked; still a G+ clean copy.     $33.50

More, More, More!

[3034] Bang, Molly. Buried Moon and Other Stories . New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, Sm. 8 vo., 63 pp. 1st Edition. (1977) Talented artist Molly Bangs retells 5 world folk tales and illustrates them with appropriately droll and mysterious drawings. These are stories that depict the progress of human experience. The title story, The Buried Moon, concerns the Nature that protects us, and that we must protect in turn. Wine cloth with Silver lettering. Reinforced binding (not ex-lib.). Near Fine in VG pictorial d.j. with some minor rubbing and soiling. $17.50 [2957] Colum, Padraic. Story Telling New & Old. New York: Macmillan, 12 mo., 23 pp. 1961. 1st Ed. Thus. This essay first appeared in Colum's book, "The Fountain of Youth", 1927. It is reissued here on its own on the occasion of the presentation of The Regina Medal of The Catholic Library Assoc. to Padraic Colum, Apr. 3, 1961. Colum was famous for publishing many of his own versions of folk-tales from around the world, for children and adults alike. Several in-text illus. by Jay van Everen. Decorative paper-on-boards with paste-on paper label on front cover. Slight edgewear; minor stain from price sticker on front cover; prev. owner's stamp on inside front cover; o/w a clean VG copy. $12.00 [2963] Creighton, Helen. Bluenose Magic: Popular Beliefs and Superstitions in Nova Scotia. Toronto, Montreal, N.Y.: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 8 vo., 297 pp. 3rd printing (1974) Nova Scotia has a rich heritage of culture and folklore. Chapters include visions, forerunners, witchcraft, enchantment, dreams, divination, buried treasure, guardian ghosts and home remedies along with a complete roster of mystical occurrences. Black cloth. Minor edgewear; slight soiling of foredges; o/w a VG copy in a G+ d.j. with some chipping and rubbing and one short taped tear. $17.50 [2181] Curren, Polly. Folk Tales of France. Indianapolis and N.Y.: Bobbs-Merrill, 8 vo., 126 pp. 1st Ed. thus (1963) Age-old stories adapted by Ms. Curren and illus. in b/w by R. Riera Rojas and Thomas Culver. One of the titles in the Folk Tales Around the World Series. Includes 14 tales, including: "The Sleeping Beauty", "The Cautious Princess", "Princess Rosette", "The Fairies of Toads and Diamonds", "The Magic Ring", and others. Pictorial cloth. Minor edgewear and soiling; o/w VG. $12.50 [2307] Denise, Christopher. Fool of the World and the Flying Ship. New York: Philomel Books, Tall 4 to., 32 pp. 1st Ed. Thus. 1994. Based on a Russian folktale taken from the collection of tales by Aleksandr Afanasev and crafted by Petr Nikolaevich Polevoi (1839-1902). Choosing mice as his characters, Denise created numerous splendid colour paintings to tell the tale of a Tsar who promised to give his daughter's hand to the subject who could build him a flying ship. The Fool, the youngest and least clever son of an old peasant sets out to accomplish the feat. Handsome Brown/Black/Gold glossy boards. Slight edgewear; o/w Near Fine in VG pictorial jacket with some wrinkling and rubbing and one short closed tear. $13.50 [2250] El Ropo, Smokestack. Bedside Reader: a Heavy-duty Compendium of Fables, Lore and Hot Dope Tales, from America's Only Rolling Newspaper. San Francisco: Straight Arrow Books, 8 vo., 120 pp. 1st Ed. (1972) A selection of stories from "Rolling Stone" magazine, including: "Tracking Down the Dope Fiends" by James Cadur; "New Mexico & the Acid Cowboys" by John Dean; "King Hash is Sure to Come" by Sheila Weller; plus many more; and original "Fables" by El Ropo himself. Illus. by Ralph Steadman and others, plus Egyptian designs. Pictorial heavy card wraps. Minor chipping and rubbing; slight soiling of foredges; o/w VG+. 11.50 [3420] Felstead, Richard. Tales of the Rhymney Valley. Bridgend, Wales: Privately Published, Abt. 8-1/4 x 11-3/4" tall, 61 pp. n.d. (circa 1985). A collection of 44 Welsh legends and folk tales, including 16 about fairies. Published by the Rhymney Valley District Council. Numerous b/w illus. by John Jones. Heavy card Cream wraps with an illus. on front cover. Slight edgewear; corners turned just a little; small amount of illus. gone with removal of a price sticker; o/w a clean VG copy. $13.50 [2026] Fonhus, H.. Trail of the Elk. London: Jonathan Cape, Sm. 8 vo., 218 pp. 1st Eng. Ed. 1922. Translated from the Norwegian. The story of a wizard elk named Rauten and he was a human being in animal guise. The story takes place in the Re Valley in Norway and climaxes with a great battle between Rauten the wizard elk and an elderly man named Gaupa. Endpapers, several full-page and in-text b/w drawings by popular artist Harry Rountree. Green cloth with Gold lettering and Gold embossed owl on spine and elk head on front cover. Minor edgewear; some fading of spine; some foxing and staining in margins; o/w G+. $37.50 [1259] Frary, Marie H. And Stebbins, Charles M. Crystal Palace, The: And Other Legends. N.Y.: Stebbins and Company, 12 mo., 124 pp. plus b/w frontis and 10 other b/w full-page illus. by Herbert Martini. (1909) Book consists of 19 legends retold and includes titles such as: "The Gnome's Road", "The Sunken City", "The Bird of Paradise", "The Magic Ring" , "The Pet Raven", "The Water Sprites", "The Swan Knight", and more. The Preface states that "The subject matter of the book has been graded for children of eight or ten years" and is therefore "...well suited for use as a supplementary reader in the fourth or fifth grade". Red cloth with Black lettering and decoration. Ex-owner's bookplate; spine somewhat faded; binding rubbed and chipped; overall G+. $16.50 [1665] Garezynska, Marie-J.. Tales from Russia. Morristown, NJ: Silver Burdett, 4 to.,124 pp. 1981 printing. Several full-page colour plus some b/w illus. by Marie Chartrain. One title in "The World Folktale Library". Ten wonderful tales including "Prince Ivan and the Firebird"; "Kvakouchka the Frog Princess"; "The Legend of the Salty Sea"; "Basile and the Winged Dragon" and others. Brown glossy pictorial cover. Reinforced binding. Minor edgewear; minor smudge on title-page; o/w VG+. $14.00 [2185] Gruia, Calin. Hound's Boots, The. London: Roydon Publishing, 4 to., unpaginated (20 pp.) 1st Eng. Ed. n.d. (circa 1970's) Translated from the Romanian by Gabriela Moraru. Engaging colour illus. on every page by Vasile Olac. 2 travellers, a hound and a hare stop for the night at an Inn. The hound tricks the hare into paying for his food and drink, but in the morning the hare gets even. This old tale is offered as an explanation of why as soon as a hound picks up the scent of a hare, he must race after it. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor edgewear and rubbing; boards slightly warped; gift inscription written on top of title page; couple page corners turned; o/w G+ to -VG. $10.00 [1649] Harris, Joel Chandler. Aaron in the Wildwoods . Bos and N.Y.: Houghton Mifflin Co., Sm. 8 vo., 270 pp. 1st Edition. 1897. More adventures of the fugitive, Aaron the Arab, son of Ben Ali, in the wildwoods with Grunter the White Pig, Rambler the track dog and the other animals. From the author of the Uncle Remus stories. Illustrated with 24 line drawings by Oliver Herford. Brown cloth binding with embossed front panel showing Aaron and the White Pig peeking over a fallen tree. Spine darkened; minor edgewear; both inside hinges have been repaired; some of the Green colour has been rubbed from the foredges; ex-owner's bookplate on inside front cover; slight bend in top corner of about half of the pages (not serious enough to be called a crease); the odd smudge in a page margin; minor discolouring of paper; despite all this, still a G+ to -VG copy. Black lettering on spine completely legible and gilt titling on front panel bright. $100.00 [2135] Heckethorn, Charles William. Wondrous Tale of Cocky, Clucky and Cackle. Lon.: John Hogg, 12 mo., 188 pp. plus 24-pp. publisher's catalogue. n.d. (circa 1890's) Freely translated from the German of Brentano. A few full-page b/w illus. by H.W. Petherick. Adventures of a German family who lived in an old castle in a wild forest. The old man, Cocky, his wife, Clucky, and their daughter, Cackle. Blue decorated cloth with moderate rubbing and soiling; corners bumped; a few minor stains in margins but actually quite clean contents and o/w G+. $16.50 [920] Hidalgo-Briceno, Miguel. Twilights and Dawn: Four Allegorical Myths dealing with the theme, "Where is Man now, And how did he get there?". Julian Press, N.Y.(1972) lst U.S. printing, 8 vo., 309 pp. Blue cloth with Silver lettering and decoration. Slight wear and fading of edges, o/w VG in slightly rubbed and chipped G+ d.j. $13.50 [2617] Kamen, Gloria. Ringdoves, The. New York: Atheneum, Sq. 8 vo., 32 pp. 1st Ed. Thus. (1988) The author has retold one of the Fables of Bidpai, first told in India in 300 B.C. An unlikely duo, a crow and a mouse, save a tortoise and a gazelle from a hunter. Illustrated in vibrant colour by the author. Blue cloth. Minor fading and wear of edges; o/w VG in VG pictorial d.j. with minor chipping and rubbing and one small taped tear at top of spine. $12.00 [2424] Kirkland, Jessica. Story of Giovanni Fideli: an Italian Folktale. N.Y.: Doubleday & Co., Sm. 8 vo., unpaginated (48 pp.) 1st Ed. (1971) Giovanni is sent out into the world by his father to become rich but he always ended up "squandering" his capital on good deeds. However, it all works out in the end. Bright colourful illus. by leading Italian artist, Alberto Longoni. Pictorial cloth binding. Slight edgewear; some remainder spray on bottomedges; o/w VG+ in VG pictorial d.j. with minor chipping and two short taped tears (not price-clipped). $17.00 [1980] Kismaric, Carole. Rumor of Pavel and Paali. Harper & Row, N.Y. Tall 4 to., unpaginated (30 pp.) 1st Ed. (1988) A Ukranian folk-tale, adapted by Carole Kismaric, and illustrated with many evocative colour illus. by her husband, Charles Mikolaycak. Thisis the complex story of twin brothers, one cruel and stingy, the other kind and generous. Navy cloth. Minor edgewear; a few bubbles on front and back covers where the cloth was not evenly applied to the boards (this is a binding flaw); o/w VG in VG pictorial d.j. a little chipping and rubbing and one small taped tear. $17.50 [4047] Kong, Shiu L. and Wong, Elizabeth K.. Fables and Legends from Ancient China. Toronto and Hong Kong: Kensington Educational, Tall 8 vo., 99 pp. 1st Edition Thus (1985). These 18 Chinese fables and legends are retold in modern English but they retain the moral values and ethics of Confucian thought and the practical wisdom of Taoist philosophy. Illustrated in colour and b/w by Michele Nidenoff and Wong Ying. Glossy pictorial boards. Two corners badly bumped; minor fading of spine; crease in f.e.p.; o/w VG. $20.00 [4048] Kong, Shiu L. and Wong, Elizabeth K.. Magic Pears, The. Toronto and Hong Kong: Kensington Educational. Tall 8 vo., 100 pp. 1st Edition Thus (1986). These 20 classic stories from China cover a wide range of subjects and periods in Chinese history. Together, the stories reflect the imagination and wisdom of the original authors, the lives and cares of the Chinese people throughout history, and a philosophy that shows the harmony and interrelatedness of heaven and earth. Illustrated in colour and b/w by Wong Ying. Glossy pictorial boards. Minor edgewear and rubbins; minor fading of spine; o/w a VG+ copy of this hard-to-find title. $27.50 [2191] Langton, Jane. Queen's Necklace, The: a Swedish Folktale. New York: Hyperion Press, 4 to., 34 pp. 1st ed. (1994) Originally written by Helena Nyblom at the start of the 20th century, this story of a bold, beautiful and generous wife of a cruel King has been retold as an evocative story of good triumphing over evil. Wonderful colour illus. filled with traditional Swedish motifs by Caldecott award-winning artist, Ilse Plume. Pictorial cloth. Slight edgewear; o/w Near Fine in VG+ pictorial d.j. with minor chipping and rubbing. $11.50 45. Littledale, Freya (Ed.). Ghosts and Spirits of Many Lands. Doubleday and Co., N.Y. (1970). 3rd printing. 8 vo., 164 pp. A collection of spooky tales from some of the far places of the earth: Russia, Japan, Argentina, the Congo, Korea, Lithuania, China, Holland and Ireland, and more. Most of the tales have been published previously in folktale and fairy-tale collections. Several intriguing illustrations from wood engravings by Stefan Martin, one of America's outstanding wood engravers. Black cloth. Minor edgewear; minor ding to bottom edge; o/w a VG copy in G+ pictorial d.j. with chipping and soiling. $12.50 [662] Littledale, Freya(ed.). Strange Tales From Many Lands. N.Y.: Doubleday. 1975. 1st Ed.. 8 vo., 146 pp., incl. several full-page b/w illus. by Mila Lazarevich. Freya Littledale has gathered together a collection of stories from 14 countries that will "shiver a young reader's timbers". Prominent authors included are Roger Duvoisin, Charles Finger, Lafcadio Hearn and Robert M. Hyatt. Rust cloth. Slight edgewear; remainder spray on bottom foredge; o/w VG in chipped, rubbed G+ d.j. $10.50 [2201] Lopez, Norbert C.. King Pancho and the First Clock. Fayetteville, Georgia: Oddo, Sq. 8 vo., 32 pp. 1st Ed. (1968) A "second race" between the rabbit and the turtle results in an interesting explanation for the creation of the first clock. Written by educator Lopez and illustrated in colour by fellow New Mexican resident Marianne Gutierrez. Pictorial cloth with reinforced binding. Minor edgewear and rubbing; slight soiling of foredges; o/w VG. $12.50 [2826] Lurie, Alison. Heavenly Zoo, The: Legends and Tales of the Stars . London: Eel Pie, 8 vo., 61 pp. 1st Eng. Ed. 1979. Our ancestors saw all sorts of things in the stars, but what they saw most were beasts, birds and fish. And for most of these creatures, there was a legend about how they came to be there. These legends, from different countries, are retold here by Alison Lurie and beautifully illustrated in colour by Monika Beisner. Glossy Blue boards with illus on front panel; as issued. Moderate rubbing and a few scratches to covers; o/w VG. $16.50 [2316] Maas, Selve. Moon Painters and Other Estonian Folk Tales. Viking, N.Y. 8 vo., 141 pp. 1st Ed. 1971. A varied and entertaining collection of 15 tales, chosen, translated and edited by Selve Maas. Laszlo Gal has provided numerous b/w full-page illus. Pictorial boards with reinforced binding. Viking Library Binding sticker on spine. Minor edgewear; o/w VG+ in VG pictorial d.j. that is price-clipped and has some chipping and rubbing. $30.00 [1730] MacFarlan, Allan A. (ed.). American Indian Legends. N.Y.: Heritage Press, Sq. 8 vo., 406 pp. (1968) Everett Gee Jackson has contributed 37 stylized illus., 19 of those in 3 or 4 colors. An interesting, varied and representative selection of 95 legends are brought together in this book. They are drawn from the traditions of dozens of tribes, covering the entire area of what is now the United States and Canada. Each tale's source is given in the Table of Contents. Textured Tan cloth on boards with Red smooth cloth spine. Slight edgewear and rubbing; minor foxing to foredges; o/w VG+ in G+ Red paper-covered board slipcase with some bumping and fading. $27.50 [2150] McHargue, Georgess. Elidor and the Golden Ball. N.Y.: Dodd, Mead & Co., 8 vo., 61 pp. 1st Ed. (1973) A thoughtful story based on a 12th-century historian's record of an allegedly true experience of a young boy raised by the Faery Folk, the Tylwyth Teg of Welsh lore. Many line drawings with Yellow and Blue highlights by Emanuel Schongut. Yellow cloth. Minor shelf-wear; o/w VG+ in price-clipped VG pictorial d.j. with minor chipping and soiling. $12.50 [2028] Pilling, Ann . Realms of Gold Myths & Legends From Around the World. N.Y.: Kingfisher Books, Sq. 4 to., 93 pp. 1st U.S. Ed. 1993. An entertaining collection of 14 myths and legends from Greece, West Africa, Russia and other parts of the world. Every page has some wonderful colourful illustration by Kady MacDonald Denton. Illus. e.p.'s too. Glossy pictorial boards. Slight edgewear; one corner of f.e.p. turned; o/w Near Fine in VG+ pictorial d.j. with minor chipping and rubbing. $16.50 [924] Shapiro, Irwin. Tall Tales of America. Guild Press/Simon and Schuster, N.Y. (1958), 4 to., 124 pp. 9 full-page colour illus. and many in-text b/w illus. by Al Schmidt. Mighty folk heroes of America's past come to life: Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, Old Stormalong, Joe Magarac, John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Sam Patch, Anthony the trumpeter, and Davy Crockett. Orange cloth library style binding. Moderate edgewear; cheap paper used has browned at edges and into margins; o/w G+ in Poor d.j. $10.00 [2284] Smithson, Isabel and Barnes, George Foster. About Giants and Other Wonder People. Boston: D. Lothrop, 12 mo., 87 pp. plus publisher's ads. 1st ed. (1888) Smithson relates a number of supposedly true stories about various Giants and Dwarfs throughout history; George Barnes adds a chapter about the Troubadours of the Middle Ages. About a dozen b/w drawings are included by Edmund Garrett. Decorated Green cloth. Minor edgewear and rubbing; boards slightly warped; paper a little discoloured; o/w a tight, clean VG copy. $32.50 [2320] Sperry, Margaret. Where Stories Grow: a Topelius Collection from Finland. New York: Crane Russak, 8 vo., 94 pp. 1st Ed. Thus. (1977) Sperry has translated and adapted 9 stories from the originals of the great Finnish writer, Zachris Topelius, the Finnish equivalent of Hans Andersen. Soft, delicate illus. by Maija Karma. Blue cloth w/ Silver lettering and decoration. Minor edgewear and rubbing; o/w VG+ in G+ pictorial d.j. that is price-clipped and has some heavy chipping and minor soiling. $15.00 [3204] Springer, Pilipo. Makaha: the Legend of the Broken Promise. Norfolk Island, Australia: Island Heritage Book, Sq. 4 to., unpaginated (55 pp.).(1974). Pilipo Springer, a Hawaiiana expert, first told the Legend of Makaha in the late 1960's. It's adapted here by Robert B. Goodman and Robert A. Spicer and illustrated from the lush, colourful paintings of Guy Buffet. It tells the story of a young chief who through his own resources, saves his people from famine. Yellow cloth. Minor edgewear; gift inscription on f.e.p.; o/w VG in G+ pictorial d.j. $12.50 [3347] Sutcliff, Rosemary. Sword and the Circle. London; Toronto; Sydney: Bodley Head, Sm. 8 vo., 261 pp. 1st Edition. 1981. One of the top tellers of historical tales for young people, Rosemary Sutcliff here retells the age-old stories of King Arthur's birth, how he became King of Britain, the formation of the Fellowship of the Round Table, and the many adventures of its most famous knights. Wine cloth. Slight edgewear; o/w Near Fine in VG+ pictorial d.j., partially price-clipped. $38.50

End of Books of Folktales, Myths, Legends

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