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Thoreau MacDonald: April, 1901-May, 1989

Thoreau MacDonald was Canada's foremost book illustrator, as well as an excellent designer, painter, calligrapher and even a woodcarver. He quietly dominated the Ontario art scene for most of the 20th century. Not wanting to draw attention to himself, Thoreau lived simply, did very little self-promotion and enjoyed a small circle of friends. He loved the rural life and created thousands of drawings of the trees, animals, gates and barns that he encountered around his Thornhill home, north of Toronto. Many of these images found their way into books, some published in his own Woodchuck Press series, most published by major publishers such as J.M. Dent, Ryerson Press and McClelland & Stewart. On this page, you will find a few titles with Thoreau's illustrations, including my own small tribute to this fine man and artist. In addition, there are a few books offered with the illustrations of Thoreau's father, J.E.H. MacDonald, and other members of the Group of Seven who did black-and-white illustrative work for publishers in the 1920's and 1930's. Lastly, I have included some books with illustrations by other notable Canadian artists, both contemporaries of the Group of Seven as well as some artists working later in the century.

1.   Stillman, Terry. Thoreau MacDonald: Canada's Foremost
Book Illustrator. Alcuin Society, Vancouver, B.C. April, 2005.
Abt. 6 x 9" tall, 32 pp. Includes a photo of Thoreau MacDonald,
a fold-out frontis of an inkwash drawing, plus 14 pp. of
b/w illustrations. A heartfelt tribute to an important Canadian
artist who was a solitary, humble, sometimes sad man who often
questioned his own talents. A man who devoted his life to the
preservation and the loving depiction of animals, birds, and
even trees. A man who truly appreciated the rural aspects of
Canada and who regretted the changes imposed on them. Set
Letterpress on Mohawk Superfine paper. Sand
stiff card covers with paper label. Fine copy.
One of 250 stapled copies......................$26.50
1a. One of 100 hand-sewn copies....................$36.50

Author-signed copies available for an additional $7.50.

2.   Duncan, George. Thoreau MacDonald's Sketches of Rural
Ontario. The Ontario Historical Society, Toronto. (2004). Abt.
7 x 8-1/2" tall, 35 pp. A handsome little book featuring numerous
examples of Thoreau's rural illustrations with explanatory text
by Duncan that expands on the drawings to "...illustrate common
themes in the cultural heritage landscape of rural Ontario". George
Duncan, a member of The Ontario Historical Society and a founding
member of The Canadian Association of Professional Heritage Consultants
(CAPHC) is intensely interested in the documentation of Ontario's
heritage buildings, local history and cultural landscapes, in other
words the perfect writer to augment Thoreau's simplistic but
thoughtful and poignant drawings. White/Green stiff card wraps. One
corner bent slightly from shipping but still a VG+ copy.   $13.50

3.   Drummond, W.H. Dr. W.H. Drummond's Complete Poems.
McClelland and Stewart, Toronto (1926). 1st Edition.
12 mo., 449 pp. The first complete Canadian edition,
containing all the material of the "The Habitant",
"Johnny Corteau", "The Voyageur", "The Great Fight"
and more. A sympathetic portrayal of French-Canadian
life. Includes a 16-page bio of Drummond by Neil
Munro. Covers, frontispiece, title page and dust-
jacket illus. and design by Thoreau MacDonald. Pebbled
Blue cloth with Gold lettering and decoration. Minor
edgewear; paper slightly discoloured; o/w VG in
Good Only d.j. with some discolouring and heavy
chipping.                              $33.00

4.   Hemon, Louis. Maria Chapdelaine. Trans. by W.H. Blake.
Macmillan Co., Toronto. 1948. 2nd edition with the
wonderful illustrations of Thoreau MacDonald. Sm. 8 vo.,
174 pp. One of the most celebrated books written about
the French-Canadian peasant and life and customs in Quebec
in the early part of the 20th century. Thoreau MacDonald
further enhanced the book with 45 drawings as well as
title page, cover and dust-jacket. One of Thoreau's
own favourite books. Rust cloth. Minor edgewear; minor
bumping of spine ends; some minor staining in a few
margins; o/w a VG copy in G+ d.j. with minor chipping,
light soiling and a short taped tear.       $38.50

5.   Housser, F.B. A Canadian Art Movement. Macmillan
Co., Toronto. 1974. Reprint of the 1926 edition. 8 vo.,
221 pp. The story of the Group of Seven. With many
critics denigrating the work of the Group, journalist
and art enthusiast Housser thought it was time someone 
defended them, to reveal the group's history and background,  
its growth and development, and write about the 
individual personalities. This book is a classic in
the history of the development of Canadian art. The
dust-jacket, title page and endpapers are by Thoreau
MacDonald and are reproduced exactly from the original
edition. Green cloth. Near Fine in a VG+ d.j.  $35.50 

6.   Locke, Clark. Country Hours. Ryerson Press, Toronto.
1959. 1st Edition. Sm. 8 vo., 105 pp. This engaging group
of sketches by Locke set forth in sharp little vignettes
the beauties and the oddities, the private habits and
personalities of many of Ontario's birds and animals. And
what better illustrator could a writer ask for than
Thoreau MacDonald. 63 special drawings by Thoreau, plus
jacket design. One of my personal favourites. Red cloth.
Minor edgewear and rubbing; slight discolouring of paper;
previous owner's nameplate on inside front cover and his
last name and first initial stamped in Gold on bottom
right-hand corner of front board;
o/w VG or better in VG d.j.                 $40.00

7.  MacMechan, Archibald. The Book of Ultima Thule.
McClelland & Stewart, Toronto. 2nd printing, April 1928.
Sm. 8 vo., 368 pp. A series of articles in praise of
"Ultima Thule", the Province of Nova Scotia. Thoreau
MacDonald contributed the design and lettering for the
title page, endpapers and cover. Blue cloth. Minor
edgewear; Gold cover design and lettering a little
dulled; prev. owner's name on f.e.p.; o/w a VG
very clean copy.                            $35.00

8.  Middleton, Clara and J.E. Green Fields Afar: Memories
of Alberta Days. Ryerson Press, Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver.
1947. 1st Edition. 12 mo., 61 pp. Clara Middleton relates
her early life in Carstairs, Alberta which her second
husband formed into this book. Title-page drawing plus
10 chapter-head vignettes by Thoreau MacDonald. Green
paper-on-boards. Minor edgewear and soiling; "circle stain"
on front board from a glass, plus two small Red marks;
one rear corner badly bumped; missing front endpaper;
contents clean; about a Good Only copy.        $16.50 (SOLD)

9.  Newton-White, E. Hurt Not the Earth. Ryerson Press,
Toronto. 1st Edition. 1958. 8 vo., 188 pp. A well-written
arraignment of Canadians for failure to conserve and
perpetuate the "live" resources stemming from the land--
wild life, timber and farm products. A book which I'm sure
Thoreau MacDonald was willing and proud to illustrate with
his 35 drawings and jacket design. Green cloth. Minor
edgewear; o/w VG+ in VG+ d.j.                $45.00

10.  Notebooks by Thoreau MacDonald. Penumbra Press, Moonbeam,
Ontario. 8 vo., 216 pp. One of 2000 copies printed, along
with 200 copies of a signed hardcover edition. An excellent
chance to glimpse the essence of a fine man and illustrator.
The book contains an early diary, two stories, a number of
letters and many preliminary drawings (or "notes", as TM
called them). Stiff card wraps are slightly chipped and 
discoloured; o/w a VG or better copy.               $17.50

11.  Pierce, Lorne. A Canadian Nation. Ryerson Press,
Toronto. 1st Edition. Jan., 1960. 12 mo., 42 pp. As editor
of Ryerson Press for 40 years, Dr. Pierce had strong
opinions about the tradition of his own House, its historic 
interests and its function in a young and growing country,
as well as equally clear cut opinions about the history,
identity and destiny of that country, Canada. Lorne Pierce
was also a staunch supporter of Canadian artists, especially
the Group of Seven and their followers. Green paper-on-
boards with stunning design by Thoreau MacDonald, this 
design repeated on the jacket. VG in VG d.j.   $28.50

12.  Pierce, Lorne. A Canadian People. Ryerson Press,
Toronto. 2nd printing. June, 1945. 12 mo., 84 pp. 
Throughout his long career as Editor of Ryerson
Press, Dr. Pierce sought to build a covered bridge between
the French and English in Canada. In this book, he urges
the two factions to know one another and to go forward
as one in service and love of Canada. Yellow paper-on-
boards. Cover design and jacket design by Thoreau
MacDonald showing a collage of Canadian symbols and
features. Minor edgewear; topedges darkened; o/w VG
in Good Only d.j. with heavy chipping and some staining.

13.  Roberts, Leslie. The Mackenzie. A title in the Rivers
of America series. Rinehart & Co., New York and Toronto (1949).
Sm. 8 vo., 276 pp. A history of one of the great rivers of
the Canadian North, snaking through the heart of the million
square miles of tundra that are Canada's Northwest Territories.
14 drawings (4 double-page) plus dramatic endpapers (shown), all by
Thoreau MacDonald. 2 maps not by MacDonald. Blue cloth. 
Moderate edgewear; minor soiling; spine faded; poor paper 
discoloured; no jacket; about a G+ copy.          $23.00

14.  Scott, Duncan Campbell. In the Village of Viger.
Ryerson Press, Toronto. 1st Edition Thus. March, 1945.
(Orig. publ'd in 1896 in Boston.) 12 mo., 114 pp. 10 stories
by Scott, each with a charming headpiece and tailpiece by
Thoreau MacDonald. Brown cloth. Slight edgewear; titling on
spine slightly faded; four pages (2 leaves) have clipped corners
but no text loss; o/w a VG copy without d.j.     $28.50

Self-Published Titles

15. Birds & Animals, 2nd Series. 2nd printing, 1973. Abt. 7 x 10" tall, 34 pp. 57 drawings, 1 vignette, cover design, all by Thoreau MacDonald. Thoreau has used a small drawing of a woodchuck on the last page with the motto "Ducit Amor Patrie", but there is no designation as a Woodchuck Press publication. Tan card wraps. Slight soiling to covers; slight damage at top of front cover where a sticker has been removed; prev. owner's name written on f.e.p.; o/w a VG+ copy. $30.00

Books Illustrated by J.E.H. MacDonald

16.   Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone. Fires of Driftwood. McClelland &
Stewart, Toronto. 2nd printing. Oct. 1922. 12 mo., 139 pp. A
distinctly lyrical collection of poetry with many of the poems
expressing a Canadian background and atmosphere. Outstanding
pictorial contributions by J.E.H. MacDonald for the title-page,
endpapers, spine and front panel. Lettering by Thoreau MacDonald.
Black paper-on-boards with Red cloth spine. Minor edgewear; corners
bumped; some pages roughly opened; spine lettering a bit dulled;
still a G+ clean copy.                             $28.00

16a.  Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone. Fires of Driftwood. Another copy.
1st Edition (1922). Minor edgewear; minor ding to bottom of boards;
minor wrinkle in spine; f.e.p. slightly off kilter; o/w VG in G+
d.j. with spectacular J.E.H. MacDonald design (see photo at right).

Books Illustrated by Other Group of Seven Members

17. (Carmichael, Franklin). The Incomplete Anglers by John D. Robins. Wm. Collins & Co., Toronto. 1st Edition. (1943). 8 vo., 229 pp. An entertaining novel which is the "plain story of what he (the author) calls two "common and inadequate" fishermen, their tribulations and exaltations on a fishing trip through the great Algonquin Park in Ontario." Illustrated with 15 b/w drawings by Franklin Carmichael, plus title page and dust-jacket illus. Map endpapers of Algonquin Park. Orange cloth. Minor edgewear; two corners mildly bumped; minor page-edge damage to topedges; o/w a VG copy in a Poor d.j. $17.50 18. (Carmichael, Franklin). Thorn-Apple Tree by Grace Campbell. Collins, Toronto. 16th printing, July 1944. Sm. 8 vo., 230 pp. A romantic Scottish-Canadian novel of pioneer days in Glengarry in the 1840's with lovely descriptions of Canada at every season. Wonderfully adorned with 15 illus. from woodcuts by Frank Carmichael. Red decorated cloth. One of the interior illus. is repeated on the endpapers. Minor edgewear; minor fading; topedges darkened; stain on bottomedges; prev. owner's name on half-title; about a G+ copy in Poor taped d.j. $22.50 19. (Holgate) Other Days Other Ways by Georges Bouchard. Louis Carrier & Co., Montreal and N.Y. 1928. 1st Trade Edition. Sm. 8 vo., 190 pp. Numerous charming "silhouettes" of French Canadian life, translated from "Vieilles Choses Vieilles Gens" by Bouchard. Cover design, frontispiece in two colours plus 23 other illus. including tailpieces, all from woodcuts by Holgate. In March, 1929, Edwin Holgate was invited to be the 8th member of the Group of Seven. Maroon endpapers. Brown buckram. Minor edgewear; minor ding to edge of rear cover; the number "85" written on spine (possibly to indicate book #85 in the hotel library); "Hotel Tadoussac" stamped on front free endpaper along with the name and personal blind stamp of Peter Dobush, Province of Manitoba Archivist; o/w a VG copy. SOLD 19a. Another copy. Other Days Other Ways. The second trade edition. Macmillan Co., Toronto. 1930. (Original binding used with "Carrier" at bottom of spine.) Unfortunately, someone has cut away about 2/3 of the front maroon endpaper; o/w a VG+ copy in a Good Only d.j. with an illustration reproduced from a linoleum cut in two colours by Holgate. $75.00 20. (Jackson, A.Y.) Chez Nous: Our Old Quebec Home by Adjutor Rivard. Trans. by W.H. Blake. McClelland & Stewart, Toronto. 1st Edition (1924). 12 mo., 201 pp. Some heartfelt memories of the author's life in Quebec. Frontispiece and 10 additional drawings by A.Y. Jackson plus Jackson's wonderful endpapers. Black cloth with Red lettering and Jackson illus. in Red on front panel. Minor edgewear; some fading of the Black on front panel and upper board edges; spine slightly cocked; o/w G+ to -VG. $32.00 20a. Another copy. As above but 4th printing, Dec., 1924. Minor edgewear; short tears in top of spine; prev. owner's name on front free endpaper; o/w VG. $28.50 21. (Johnston, Franz). Friendly Acres by Peter McArthur. Musson Books, Toronto. 2nd printing, 1929. Sm. 8 vo., 239 pp. A collection of rural articles, some of which were previously printed in "The Toronto Globe". Numerous b/w illus. by Franz (Frank) Johnston plus an idyllic set of endpapers by Johnston. Wine cloth with Black lettering. Minor edgewear; minor soiling of topedges and foredges; o/w a VG+ copy. $30.00 22. (Johnston, Franz). The Beauport Road: Tales of Old Quebec by J.E. Le Rossignol. McClelland & Stewart, Toronto (1928). 1st Edition. Sm. 8 vo., 291 pp. 9 stories of Old Quebec. 10 b/w drawings plus title-page, e.p.'s and cover design by Johnston. Orange cloth. Minor edgewear and soiling; several pages have stains in bottom margins (I've shown the worst example); gift inscription on half-title; about a G+ copy. $25.00 23. (Johnston, Franz). The Wayside Cross by Mary E. Waagen. Musson Book Co., Toronto (1929). 1st Edition, with variant Wine colour cloth binding, no illus. on front panel. 12 mo., 233 pp. "A poignant and exquisite portrayal of French-Canadian life, this story of an old cross and the part it plays in the lives and emotions of the people of its village, is a rare intermingling of pathos, drama and beauty." Franz Johnston contributed title page, 16 full-page b/w drawings, lovely endpapers and d.j. illus. Minor foxing of foredges; slight edgewear; usual minor discolouring of paper; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG d.j. $40.00

Books Illustrated by Other Canadian Artists

24. Bobak, Molly Lamb. Wild Flowers of Canada: Impressions and Sketches of a Field Artist. The Pagurian Corp., Tor. (1978) Tall 4 to., 96 pp. 1st edition. Foreword by David Silcox. Molly Lamb Bobak was born in 1922, the daughter of H. Mortimer Lamb, art critic and art collector. Her father introduced her to art and artists at an early age--Emily Carr, Frederick Varley, A.Y. Jackson--and her mother instilled in her a love for nature and humble work. She grew up on the West Coast, attended the Vancouver School of Art when Jack Shadbolt was a teacher there, and joined the Canadian Women's Army Corps in 1942, eventually becoming Canada's only woman war artist. In London, she met Alex Colville, Lawren Harris, and Bruno Bobak, whom she married after the war. Molly's text is about her life and connections to the Canadian art world. The pictures are her fabulous flower paintings, vibrating with life. Blue cloth. Minor edgewear; slight discolouring of foredges; o/w a VG+ copy in a G+ pictorial d.j. with a few short taped tears. $28.50 25. Carr, Emily. Hundreds and Thousands: the Journals of Emily Carr. Clarke, Irwin and Co., Toronto and Vancouver. 1st Edition (1966). Tall 8 vo., 332 pp. The journals began in 1927 when Emily Carr made her first trip east to meet the Group of Seven. We are given the experience of seeing the world through the eyes of a woman who was one of Canada's greatest painters and a well- loved Canadian writer. Includes 12 colour plates from Emily Carr's paintings. Beige cloth with White lettering. Slight edgewear; very small spot on bottomedges; small stain of upper rear board; o/w Near Fine in VG chipped d.j. $37.50 26. (Kilbourn) The Elements Combined: a History of the Steel Company of Canada. Clarke, Irwin, Tor. and Vancouver (1960). Probable 1st Edition. 8 vo., 335 pp. An important business history of "Stelco", born in 1910 from the merger of many stages of steel manufacture. At the centre of the merger was 30-year-old Montreal promoter, Max Aitken, who as Lord Beaverbrook had a later career in British journalism and politics. 14 dramatic illustrations from wood engravings by Rosemary Kilbourn. Reddish-Brown cloth. Illus. e.p.'s. Minor edgewear; o/w VG+ in G+ pictorial d.j. with some chipping and three taped tears. $14.50 27. (Oakley, Thornton). Oakley, Amy. Kaleidoscopic Quebec. Longmans, Green and Co., N.Y., Lon., Tor. (1952). Sm. 8 vo., 278 pp. Dozens of charming and historic b/w illus. by husband Thornton. Together this American team present many of the picturesque and entrancing spots in French Canada. A new edition with some updated information and a different d.j. than the 1947 first edition. Map e.p.'s. Red cloth. Minor edgewear and rubbing; paper slightly discoloured; o/w a VG+ copy in a G+ d.j. $18.50 28. (Onley) Toni Onley's British Columbia: a Tribute. Raincoast Books, Vancouver. 1st Edition. 1999. Oblong 4 to., 56 pp. In this book, Onley produced two dozen of his favourite "wild places": from Tumbo Channel in the Gulf Islands to the headwaters of the Stein River; from clouds over Cape Freeman in the Queen Charlottes to a snow shower on Powder Mountain; from the Tatshensini to the Okanagan, and many more. Each cherished landscape was rendered in his evocative, expressionist style of watercolours. Grey cloth. Slight edgewear; o/w a Near Fine copy in a VG+ pictorial d.j. $20.00 29. (Phillips, W.J.) Highroads to Reading, Book Five. W.J. Gage & Co., Tor. 6th printing, 1941. 12 mo., 352 pp. Many stories and poems plus numerous illustrations, including 25 b/w drawings by Walter J. Phillips, from 1/4 page to full-page, including some fantasy illus. Lovely colour plates include reproduction from the paintings of Tom Thomson, Innis Fripp, C.W. Jefferys, W. Langdon Kihn and Cayley Robinson. Illustrated endpapers. Blue cloth with Orange lettering and embossed figure with spear on front cover. Minor edgewear; few spots of cover worn off rear board; o/w a VG or better clean, tight copy. $22.50 30. (Reid, Bill). Raven's Cry by Christie Harris. McClelland & Stewart, Toronto and Montreal (1966). 1st Edition. Sm. 8 vo., 193 pp. After much research, Ms. Harris produced a wonderfully readable and historically accurate story of the history of the Haida people on the coast of British Columbia. Ostensibly a novel for youth, it can be enjoyed by all. Several detailed illustrations by Haida artist Bill Reid, two are double-page spreads. One illus. is repeated on the d.j. Brown cloth with blind embossing of three Thunderbirds on front cover. Minor edgewear; o/w a VG+ copy in a G+ with some chipping and discolouration and a one by three inch faded band on front panel. $25.00

Books of Reference

31. Brown, Maud. Breaking Barriers: Eric Brown and the National Gallery. The Society for Art Publications, (1964). 12 mo., 113 pp. plus 35 plates. Eric Brown was the first Director of the National Gallery of Canada, holding that office from 1913 until his death in 1939. It was through his direction that the Gallery built up a small but superb collection of Canadian and International art. Brown was an early supporter of the Group of Seven and Tom Thompson and amid controversy acquired a number of their canvasses for the national collection. The frontispiece in this book is of Thomson's "Northern River" which Brown was astute enough to acquire in 1915, when barely anyone knew who Tom Thomson was. Maud Brown has written a superb and loving tribute to her husband but she has also provided a most interesting and informal history of a national institution. Orange cloth. Slight edgewear; "Discard" stamp on f.e.p. but no other indications that this was a library book; o/w VG+ in G+ chipped and rubbed d.j. $18.50 32. Colgate, William. Canadian Art: Its Origin and Development. McGraw-Hill-Ryerson, Tor. (1967) 3rd paperback printing. Abt. 5 x 8" tall, 278 pp. First published in hardcover in 1943, this book is a geographic and historical survey of the growth of the arts in Canada. The work studies the contribution made to the sum total of our national art by the various provinces as a whole, as well as by individual artists. 90 illus. of early and contemporary paintings and engravings. Foreword by Charles W. Jefferys. Stiff card wraps. Minor chipping and discolouring of covers; minor stain on front cover; prev. owner's name on half-title; o/w G+. $10.50 33. Duval, Paul. Group of Seven Drawings. Burns and MacEachern, Tor. 1965. 1st Edition. Tall 4 to., unpaginated (88 pp.). Brown cloth. Minor wear and fading of edges; diagonal crease in f.e.p.; gift inscription on f.e.p. A VG copy in a Good Only d.j. with a tear across front panel and heavy chipping. $50.00 34. (Lismer). September Gale: a Life of Arthur Lismer by John A.B. McLeish. J.M. Dent & Sons, Toronto. 1973. 1st softcover edition. Sm. 8 vo., 212 pp. plus photo frontis of Lismer at work, 4 colour plates and 8 pp. of b/w illus. When first published in 1955, this book was the first to deal in book form with the life and work of any of the remarkable men who made up the Group of Seven. It remains one of the few biographies available. Lismer was a great teacher as well as one of Canada's most memorable artists. Heavy card wraps. Minor chipping and discolouring; minor wrinkle on lower spine; o/w a VG clean copy. $11.50 35. Davies, Blodwen. Tom Thomson: the Story of a Man Who Looked for Beauty and for Truth in the Wilderness. Mitchell Press, Vancouver. (1967). 1st Trade Edition. New Foreword for this edition by A.Y. Jackson. The original edition was a private printing of 100 copies published in the 1930's. Tall 8 vo., 102 pp. plus 12 colour plates of Thomson's paintings (some different from the original version). Miss Davies' book on Thomson was the most complete biography of him for over fifty years, and she was also active in promoting Canadian Art in general. Brown cloth. Minor edgewear; o/w VG+ in G+ d.j. with several short taped tears, some rubbing and chipping. $35.00 36. Mellen, Peter. The Group of Seven. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart Folio, 231 pp. 4th printing. 1973. A magnificent 1970 art book that boasts 110 full-colour reproductions and close to 100 b/w plates. With Peter Mellen's informed text, it is a valuable collector's volume, the definitive work on Canada's Group of Seven and their artistic legacy. Red cloth. Minor edgewear; boards slightly bowed; o/w VG+ in price-clipped VG pictorial d.j. with some chipping and rubbing, in VG heavy-card red slipcase with paste-on of 31 colour paintings. $48.50 37. Shadbolt, Doris. The Art of Emily Carr. Tor. and Vancouver: Clarke, Irwin and Co./Douglas & McIntyre Sm. folio, 222 pp. 1st Edition (1979). A glowing tribute to one of Canada's foremost artists, combined with reproductions of over 200 paintings, charcoals and drawings, two thirds of them in colour. Brown cloth. Illus. e.p.'s. Slight shelf-wear; o/w Near Fine in Near Fine price-clipped d.j. $70.00 38. Emily Carr, a publication of the Vancouver Art Gallery. A 50-page booklet "...created to provide a context for visitors to the permanent installation of works from the Vancouver Art Gallery's Emily Carr Trust Collection. Through brief excerpts taken from her own writings, historical accounts and contemporary interpretations from several cultural perspectives, we have attempted to create a sense of the rich possiblilities provided by Emily Carr's art for the viewer to hink not only about her paintings, but about the larger world of which they are so much a part." (Willard Holmes, Director, Vancouver Art Gallery). Introduction by Judith Mastai. 1991. Abt. 5 x 8" tall. Heavy card wraps with small portrait of Ms. Carr; stapled. Several illus. and photos. Short tear to top of spine; o/w a VG+ copy. $15.00 39) Wistow, David and Kelly McKinley. Meet the Group of Seven. Kids Can Press, Toronto (1999). 2nd printing. Tall 4 to., 48 pp. An excellent introduction for ages 8 and up to the Group of Seven, their work and some of their contemporaries. Glossy pictorial boards. Near Fine. $20.00

End of Thoreau MacDonald, Group of Seven and Other Canadian Art Books

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