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1)     (Crusades) The Sword and the Scimitar: the Saga
of the Crusades by Ernle Bradford. Victor Gollancz Ltd.,
London. 1st Edition. 1974. Sm. 4 to., 240 pp. From 1096
to 1291, 8 crusades from Western Europe were launched into
the Levant--a tide of pilgrims, knights, men-at-arms,
priests, traders and even peasants. No less than 150,000
nobles, knights and foot-soldiers set out for Asia Minor
in 1097 on the First Crusade, fully described here by
Bradford. He also tells how many Christian Europeans
found the Levant to their liking and carved out estates
there. Jerusalem, wrestled from the Moslems in the First
Crusade, finally fell again to the Moslems in 1291. Many
illustrations from prints and paintings, some in colour.
Illus. e.p.'s. Green cloth with Gold lettering and 
decoration. Minor edgewear; prev. owner's small address
label on f.e.p.; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG pictorial d.j.

2)    (Chivalry) The History of Chivalry and Armor by
Dr. F. Kottenkamp. Trans. by the Rev. A. Lowy. Portland
House, N.Y. (1988). 1st U.S. Edition. Oblong 4 to., 110 pp.
of text, Index and 60 colour plates. With descriptions
of the feudal system, the practices of Knighthood, the
Tournament and  trials by single combat. Splendidly
illustrated with reproductions from a 19th century
masterpiece; a unique and stunning visual history of
medieval arms and magnificent knights engaged in the
trials and jousts of the tournament. Black cloth. Minor
edgewear; couple of corners mildly bumped; prev. owner's
small address sticker on f.e.p.; o/w a VG+ copy in a 
VG+ pictorial d.j.                             $25.50

3)    (Napoleon) St. Helena During Napoleon's Exile:
Gorrequer's Diary, by James Kemble. Heinemann, London.
1st Edition. 1969. 8 vo., 298 pp. plus 8 pp. of b/w
illustrations. Major Gideon Gorrequer, a British soldier
of Huguenot stock, was aide-de-camp and acting military
secretary to Sir Hudson Lowe, the Governor of St. Helena
during Napoleon's banishment. Gorrequer wrote his Diary
in code, with pseudonyms for the principle characters.
James Kemble broke the code and dexiphered the often
almost illegible entries in the diary and presents in this
book an entirely fresh view of the drama of life on St.
Helena from 1816-1821. Blue cloth. Minor edgewear; ding
to bottom of spine; couple very minor stains on cover;
prev. owner's small address sticker on f.e.p.; o/w a
VG copy in a VG d.j.                             $25.00

4    (Crimea) The Crimean War: a reappraisal by Philip
Warner. Taplinger Publishing Co., N.Y. 1973. 1st U.S. Edition.
Sm. 8 vo., 216 pp. plus 16 pp. of b/w illus. Up until the
writing of this book, the Crimean War was generally presented
to the public as the classic model of military and medical 
blunder. Military inefficiency was felt to have been slightly
redeemed by the glamour of the Charge of the Light Brigade, and
medical chaos made acceptable by the subsequent achievements
of Florence Nightingale. Mr. Warner sets out in this book to
describe the events of the war from the causes to the end, in
chronological sequence, interpolating the account with 
contemporary views--soldier reminiscences, many of which were
never previously published. History enthusiasts who haven't
read this book are in for a treat. Red cloth. Minor edgewear;
prev. owner's small address sticker on f.e.p.; o/w a
VG copy without d.j.                                 $11.00


5.    Eisner, Jack. The Survivor of the Holocaust. Kensington Books,
N.Y. Dec. 1995. 8 vo., 280 pp. plus 16 pp. of b/w photos. A personal
memoir that races at breakneck speed from the rubble of the devastated
Warsaw ghetto to the brutality and horror of the concentration and
slave labor camps. Brown paper-on-boards with Black cloth spine.
Minor edgewear; Black remainder mark on bottomedges; one page
creased; o/w a VG or better copy in a VG d.j.          $15.00

6.    Eliach, Yaffa. There Once Was a World: a 900-year Chronicle of
the Shtetl of Eishyshok. Little, Brown and Co., Bos. (1998) 2nd printing.
4 to., 818 pp. A well-researched book on the Jewish families of Eishyshok,
including their nearly complete annihilation--of the shtetl's 3500 Jews
when the Nazi troops stormed into Eishyshok in June 1941, the author is
one of 29 survivors. Numerous b/w photos. Extensive Notes and detailed
Index. Glossy pictorial boards showing "The Tower of Life" in The United
States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Near Fine copy in VG mylar d.j.  $35.00

7.    Gilbert, Martin. The Boys Triumph Over Adversity: the Story of
732 Young Concentration Camp Survivors. Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver
and Toronto. 8 vo., 510 pp. plus 8 pp. of b/w photos. They came from
the small towns and villages of Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary and
found a home in England in 1945 where their companionship gave them a
lifeline and they became a family among themselves. Wine cloth. Slight
edgewear; o/w Near Fine in a VG+ d.j.               $17.50

Catalog Report

Catalog Report

Military Books : 111 Books

[4165] Atkin, Ronald. Dieppe 1942: the Jubilee Disaster . Macmillan, Sm. 8 vo., 306 pp. plus 16 pp. of b/w photos. 1st English Edition. 1980. A masterly account of one of the most extraordinary, and tragic, episodes of WWII. At dawn on 19 August 1942, 5000 Allied soldiers landed at the French port of Dieppe. Because of a combination of over-rigid planning, inadequate supporting firepower and sheer bad luck, almost 3500 soldiers were killed. The author consulted official documents and reports and the reminiscences of the men of both sides who planned and fought in Operation Jubilee. Slight edgewear; minor discolouring of foredges; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG price-clipped d.j. $13.50

[3116] Backer, John H.. Winds of History: The German Years of Lucius DuBignon Clay. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 8 vo., 323 pp. plus 16 pp. of b/w photos. 1st Edition (1983). The story of Clay's decisive impact on the events of postwar Germany, written by a member of the Economic Divisiion of his Military Government. Red cloth. Slight edgewear; one minor ding to bottomedge of front cover; Black remainder mark on bottomedges; o/w VG in G+ pictorial d.j. with minor chipping and rubbing and two short taped tears. $12.00

[4391] Barnett, Correlli. Swordbearers: Studies in Supreme Command in the First World War . London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, Hard Cover. 8 vo., 386 pp. plus 32 pp. of b/w photos. 1st Edition. 1963. A study of the great commanders on both sides in WWI, including Colonel General von Moltke; Admiral Sir John Jellicoe; General Philippe Petain; and General Erich Ludendorff. The book assesses the effect of individual character on great events and presents a masterly re-interpretation of the major issues of the war. It gives most vigorous and moving portratis of men under the stress of supreme command, and discusses their handling of events and their relations with colleagues, politicians and subordinates. Several maps in the text plus map endpapers. Blue cloth. Minor edgewear; prev. owner's name on half-title; o/w a VG+ copy in a G+ price-clipped d.j. with some chipping and discolouring. $13.50

[4482] Barris, Ted. Deadlock in Korea: Canadians at War, 1950-1953 . Toronto: Macmillan Canada, 8 vo. size, 326 pp. plus 16 pp. of b/w photos. 1st Can. softcover edition (1999). In 1950, nearly 25,000 Canadians signed on for a UN-sponsored "police action" to stop the Communist incursion into South Korea. They joined a multi-national expeditionary force that quickly found itself embroiled in a full-scale war. This is their story, based on hundreds of interviews with Korean vets. Stiff card pictorial wraps. Slight edgewear and rubbing; o/w a VG+ copy. $10.50

[4031] Barthel, Denis (Don). From Choir to Corps. Victoria, B.C.: Self Published, 4 to., 350 pp. 1st Edition (2004). Self-published memoir of a World War II veteran up to his 85th year in 2001. Not only did he serve England throughout WWII, Barthel continued on after 1945 and served in different posts throughout the world through the 1950's. Much family information included as well. This copy INSCRIBED by the author on the title page. Heavy card wraps. Minor chipping and rubbing of covers; o/w VG+. $20.00

[4484] Blizard, Derek. Normandy Landings. D-Day: the Invasion of Europe 6 June 1944. London: Hamlyn, Tall 4 to., 160 pp. 1st Edition. 1993. This vivid, detailed and well-illustrated account chronicles the prelude to the invasion of 6 June, 1944, summarizes the key aspects of the Allied assault on Normandy and looks at the victorious consequences of the expedition. Blue cloth. Minor edgewear; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG+ pictorial d.j. $15.50

[3509] Breuer, William B.. Storming Hitler's Rhine: the Allied Assault, February-March 1945. New York: St. Martin's Press, 8 vo., 308 pp. plus 24 pp. of b/w photos. 1st Edition (1985). Based on scores of firsthand accounts and interviews with participants, and illustrated with combat photos, this book is the dramatic account of the German and American sides of the largest single airborne operation in history. Black cloth with Red lettering on spine. Minor edgewear; minor rippling of some pages; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG pictorial d.j. with minor chipping and rubbing. $15.00

[5274] Brodniewicz-Stawicki, Margaret. For Your Freedom and Ours: the Polish Armed Forces in the Second World War . St. Catharines, Ont.: Vanwell Publishing, Hard Cover. Sq. 4 to., 264 pp. Probable 1st Edition (1999) As shown in this book, "Time and again, the Polish Armed Forces were a major influence on the course of the Second World War." Several maps and numerous historic photos. Grey cloth. Slight edgewear; minor bowing of boards; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG pictorial d.j. with some chipping and wrinkling of edges. $40.00

[1409] Buggy, Hugh. Pacific Victory: a Short History of Australia's Part In The War Against Japan. Melbourne: Australian Ministry of Information, Sm. 8 vo., 300 pp. n.d. (circa 1945). This book "...aims to tell, clearly and concisely, the story of the courage, capacity, and sacrifice of the men of our three fighting services and to convey something of the drama of the grim holding war of 1942 and 1943." Includes several maps and a couple dozen b/w photos. Heavy card covers with Blue cloth spine. Moderate edgewear; slight soiling of foredges; prev. owner's name of f.e.p.; o/w VG. $23.00

[2901] Butler, Rupert. Black Angels: a History of the Waffen-SS . New York: St.Martin's Press, Sm. 8 vo., 210 pp. Book Club Ed. 1979. At the beginning of WWII, Himmler secured Hitler's approval to form a paramilitary branch of the SS, called the Waffen-SS. Detachments of the Waffen-SS spearheaded triumphant military campaigns, supervised the concentration camps and fought brutal rear-guard actions against partisans in the "subjugated territories". The author presents here an account of the world's most terrible private army. 16 pp. of b/w photos. Black paper-on-boards with Red cloth spine. Minor edgewear; o/w VG+ in VG chipped and rubbed d.j. $10.00

[4679] Bytwerk, Randall L.. Julius Streicher: The Man Who Persuaded a Nation to Hate Jews . New York: Dorset Press, Hard Cover. 8 vo., 236 pp. plus frontispiece photo. Includes 24 pp. of photos and illustrations. 1st Dorset Press Edition. 1988. Reprint of Stein and Day 1983 ed. Streicher, using crude, vivid anti-Semitic cartoons, photos and articles in his newspaper "Der Sturmer", did more than any other one person to arouse hatred against the Jews during Hitler's German rule. Black paper-on-boards with Black cloth spine. Minor edgewear; a couple of address stickers from prev. owner; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG d.j. $12.50

[4761] Calder, Angus . Myth of the Blitz . London: Jonathan Cape, 8 vo., 302 pp. plus 20 pp. of illus. and photos. 1st Edition. 1991. The author draws together a rich fabric of recorded but little known anecdotal evidence to account for a remarkable two years (1940-41) in British history. People performed, by and large, as their own "myth' told them they should, stiffened by Churchill's speeches and applause from the "free world". Black cloth. Minor edgewear; small gauge in topedge of rear board; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG+ pictorial d.j. $20.00

[3565] Carman, W. Y.. British Military Uniforms. London: Longacre Press, 4 to., unpaginated (64 pp.). 1st edition. 1962. A Swift Picture Book. A brief look at a few aspects of the evolution and development of military dress, the fighting men and the part they played in the colourful past. Includes examples of Head-dress, Officers' Dress Ornaments, Cavalry Furniture and Badges. Dozens of b/w photos and print reproductions. Glossy pictorial boards. Corners and spine chipped; spine somewhat faded; o/w a G+ copy. $21.50

[5229] Carter, David J. . Behind Canadian Barbed Wire: Alien, Refugee and Prisoner of War Camps in Canada 1914-1946. Calgary: Tumbleweed Press , Hard Cover. Signed by Author. 8 vo., 333 pp. 1st Edition. 1980. Numerous photos. This copy has a touching INSCRIPTION by the author on the f.e.p., and the author has also SIGNED the title page. Grey cloth with Silver embossing and lettering. Slight edgewear and lettering; o/w a VG+ copy of this uncommon and important title. $45.00

[2154] Chant, Christopher. Nazi War Machine, The. London: Tiger Books, Tall 4 to., 144 pp. 1st ed. thus. 1996. An examination of the tactics and weapon types used by the German war machine in WWII. Well-illustrated with colour artwork and a combination of colour and b/w photos along with a very readable text. Glossy pictorial boards. Slight edgewear; o/w Near Fine in VG+ pictorial d.j. with slight chipping and rubbing. $18.50

[4288] Cowling, Anthony. My Life with the Samurai: How I Survived Japanese Death Camps . Richmond, B.C.: Self Published, 8 vo., 236 pp. 3rd printing. 2003. Captured by the Japanese in 1941, shortly after joining the Royal Air Force at age 17, Cowling spent 4 miserable years in Japanese internment camps while thousands of his comrades died around him. This is his story. This edition includes the few changes and additions that were made in the second edition. This copy INSCRIBED by Cowling on the title page with his often-used inscription: "May your rice bowl always be full." Glossy, heavy-card wraps. Minor edgewear; pp. 23-28 dog-eared; o/w a VG or better clean copy. $8.50

[3475] Danchev, Alex. Alchemist of War: the Life of Basil Liddell Hart. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 8 vo., 369 pp. plus 8 pp. of b/w photos. 1st Edition. 1998. The first biography of a remarkable man: military writer, creative artist, journalist, propagandist, controversialist, archivist, adviser, exemplar, and thrower of stones. He dressed well. He dined well, He tipped well. His womenfolk looked enchanting: he chose their clothes. He consorted with Lawrence of Arabia. Green cloth. Near Fine in Near Fine d.j. with the Dali-like portrait of Liddell Hart by Hein Heckroth on the front panel. $22.50

[2376] Davis, Franklin M.. Come as a Conqueror: the United States Army's Occupation of Germany 1945-1949. New York: Macmillan, Sm. 8 vo., 271 pp. plus 16 pp. of b/w photos. 1st Ed. (1967) An evaluation of the performance of the U.S. Army in Germany after the defeat of the Nazi regime. Complete with a Chronology of Significant Events from Feb. 1944 to Oct. 1949. Map e.p.'s. Black cloth. Minor edgewear; paper somewhat discoloured; o/w VG in VG price-clipped d.j. with minor chipping and rubbing. $14.00

[3321] De La Maziere, Christian. Captive Dreamer, The. New York: Saturday Review Press/E.P. Dutton, Sm. 8 vo., 271 pp. 1st U.S. Edition. (1974) The story of a Frenchman, a journalist, who joined the Waffen SS in 1944 to fight the Russians and went to prison in France as a traitor. Translated from the French by Francis Stuart. Red cloth. Minor edgewear; prev. owner's name stamped on foredges; topedges and bottomedges; minor foxing to topedges; o/w VG in VG d.j. $40.00

[3494] Donaldson, Gordon. Battle for a Continent, Quebec 1759. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 8 vo., 247 pp. plus 4 pp. of colour illus. 1st Edition (1973). An engaging and dramatic look at one of the turning points of history, the conflict between Wolfe and Montcalm for the fortress of Quebec City. Numerous b/w illus. plus endpaper maps. Blue cloth. Minor edgewear; minor discolouring of margins; o/w VG+ in VG pictorial d.j. $18.00

[2547] Douglas, W.A.B. and Greenhous, Brereton. Out of the Shadows: Canada in the Second World War. Toronto: Oxford Univ. Press, Sm. 4 to., 288 pp. 1977. 1st Edition. A general overview of Canada's WWII contributions from all three armed forces. Dozens of photos. Black cloth. Minor edgewear and rubbing; o/w VG in G+ pictorial d.j. with some chipping and discolouring and one short taped tear. $13.50

[3717] Durschmied, Erik. Whisper of the Blade: Revolution, Mayhem, Betrayal, Glory and Death . London: Hodder & Stoughton, Sm. 8 vo., 392 pp. plus 16 pp. of b/w illus. and photos. 1st Edition. 2001. Progressing from the 18th to the 20th century, this book weaves from patriotic ideals and revolutionary fervour to deceit and cold-blooded murder. Red cloth. Minor ding to top and bottom of spine; o/w a VG+ copy in VG+ pictorial d.j. $15.00

[4068] Emde, Wayne and Arseneault, Francois. Vernon Army Cadets 1949-1998. Vernon, B.C.: Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre, Tall 4 to., 120 pp. 1st Edition. 1999. A unique book that takes a five-decade look at the many thousands of cadets between the ages of 12 and 18 who came to train in Vernon, British Columbia. They learned to assemble jeeps, to play the bagpipes, to survive in the bush, to make beds and shine shoes. They learned to take orders, to give them, to work as a team and to struggle as an individual. There are 2 pages for each year, including colour photos, a list of the officers that year and a list of the Top Cadets. This copy SIGNED by both the editors, Emde and Arseneault, on the f.e.p. Green mottled cloth with Gold lettering. Slight edgewear; spine slightly cocked; o/w VG+ in a VG+ pictorial d.j. $44.00

[5116] Flatt, S.A.. History of the 6th Field Company Royal Canadian Engineers . Vancouver, B. C.: Self-Published, Hard Cover. 8 vo., 141 pp. plus 46 pp. of photos on glossy stock. n.d. (circa 1950) Probable 1st and only edition. The text also includes some maps and cartoon illustrations. Official Historian CQMS S.A. Flatt and Assistant Historian CSM T.C. Thomas created this volume in memory of their friends and comrades who made the supreme sacrifice for their country. Included are Official Lists of Fatal Casualties, Wounded, and those with Honors and Awards. Foreword by Col. T.H. Jermyn. Rust colour cloth with a replica of the Official War Shield of the 6th Field Company on the front board. Moderate edgewear; a little loss of colour from the spine title; poor paper a little discoloured; still a G+ to -VG copy of an uncommon military history. $125.00

[4005] Foster, J.A.. Muskets to Missiles: a Pictorial History of Canada's Ground Forces . Toronto, N.Y., London : Methuen, 4 to., 251 pp. 1st Edition (1987). A splendid account in text and picture of Canada's army from the first organized defence force against the Indians in Quebec in 1627 through the Korean War of the early 1950's and subsequent peacekeeping forces. Hundreds of illustrations from prints and photographs. The endpapers show the Canadians at Langemarch in WWI. Beige/Brown cloth. Minor edgewear; one corner bumped; some discolouration of foredges; o/w a VG copy in a VG pictorial d.j. $16.50

[5239] Fowler, Will. D-Day: the Normandy Landings on 6 June 1944. Worcestshire : Sandcastle Books , Hard Cover. 8 vo., 192 pp. 2006. Contains detailed descriptions of the tactical manoeuvres in each landing zone during the first crucial 24 hours of the invasion. Full-colour maps show the areas of operation, the forces involved and their movement on 6 June, 1944. Includes first-hand accounts of combat on the Normandy beaches from participants on both sides. Many dramatic photos. Glossy pictorial boards. Map endpapers. Near fine copy with matching VG+ d.j. $15.50

[2907] Frank, Benis M.. Okinawa: Touchstone to Victory . New York: Ballantine Books, 8 vo., 160 pp. 1st pb printing. 1970. Battle Book No. 12. For the Allies, the battle of Okinawa was the culmination of four years of war in the Pacific. For the Japanese, it was their last big defense before the Allies would be invading their homeland itself. These two things set the stage for one of the most bitter and bloodiest battles of the war. Several maps and many photos. Pictorial card wraps. Minor chipping and rubbing of covers; slight soiling of foredges; o/w VG. $6.50

[4307] Fryer, Mary Beacock. King's Men: the Soldier Founders of Ontario . Toronto and Charlottetown: Dundurn Press, 8 vo., 392 pp. 1st Edition. 1980. The story of the Loyalist regiments who became the soldier founders of the Province of Ontario, the Loyal Colonials who joined the Provincial Corps of the British Army, Canadian Command, during the American Revolution. Numerous photos and maps; extensive footnotes and generous Index. One colour frontis page with the five regiments in dress. Black paper-on-boards. Minor edgewear; prev. owner's name and Canada Council stamp on f.e.p.; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG pictorial d.j. with some rubbing and chipping. $95.00

[3645] Galloway, Strome. Bravely Into Battle: the Autobiography of a Canadian Soldier in World War Two . Toronto: Stoddart, 8 vo., 240 pp. 1st softcover edition. 1988. Originally published in 1981 as "The General Who Never Was". The author served as a Lieutenant-Colonel with the First Division, Royal Canadian Regiment, only one of four officers from that regiment to see the beginning and the end of the Sicily-Italian campaign. Numerous b/w photos. Heavy card wraps. Minor chipping and rubbing; o/w VG+. $10.00

[1785] George, G. J.. They Betrayed Czechoslovakia. Harmondsworth: Penguin, Paperback. 186 pp. plus publisher's cat. 1st printing. Nov. 1938. Penguin Special S24. Br. PM Neville Chamberlain had said that a settlement of what he called "the Czechoslovak problem" was the "last obstacle to the appeasement of Nazi Germany". Author George, his real identity not disclosed here, takes to task England and France and also Czech president, Edvard Benes, for betraying Czechoslovakia. Minor foxing of foredges and e.p.'s; full-length crease on half-title; o/w VG+ in VG d.j. with some chipping and soiling. $11.00

[1998] Gibson, James Norris. History of the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal . London: Bison Books, Sm. folio, 192 pp. 1st Br. Ed. 1989. This book was the first detailed account of every nuclear device and delivery system known to have ever been included in the U.S. nuclear arsenal, in a full range of weapons and delivery systems. Illus. with dozens of b/w and colour photos, some very unusual. Black cloth. Minor edgewear and rubbing; small dent in bottom edge; o/w VG in VG pictorial d.j. with minor chipping and rubbing. $16.50

[4884] Gilchrist, Donald . Commandos: D-Day and After . London: Robert Hale, Abt. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2" tall, 192 pp. plus 8 pp. of historic photos. 1st softcover edition. 1994. Foreword by Brigadier the Lord Lovat. The author began his career as a subaltern, then adjutant and, finally, second in command of the men of No. 4 Commando and he tells his compelling first-person account as part of an elite corps who performed bravely on D-Day and after. Pictorial stiff card wraps. Moderate chipping to edges and spine; minor crease in rear cover; still a VG clean copy. $12.50

[1494] Goldstein, Donald M. , Et Al . D-Day Normandy: The Story and Photographs. N.Y.: Brassey's, 1994. Tall 4 to., 180 pp. 1st ed. The official 50-th anniversary volume of the Battle of Normandy Foundation. This handsome commemorative volume contains more than 400 Allied and German photographs, many shown here for the first time. Black cloth. Slight shelf-wear; minor soiling of foredges; o/w VG+ in VG+ pictorial d.j. with some minor chipping and rubbing. $20.35

[4465] Granatstein, J.L. and Morton, Desmond. Bloody Victory: Canadians and the D-Day Campaign 1944. Toronto: Lester & Orpen Dennys, Sm. 4 to., 240 pp. plus 8 colour plates. Presumed 1st Edition (1984). This is the compelling story of the Canadians in the Normandy campaign, how they fought their way ashore, battled the best-trained soldiers in Europe and won their bloodstained way to the gap below Falaise. Several maps and dozens of photos. Map endpapers. Blue cloth. Minor edgewear; o/w VG+ in a VG pictorial d.j. $15.00

[2045] Greener, W.W.. Gun and Its Development, The. N.Y.: Bonanza Books, Sm. 8 vo., 804 pp. plus 25 pp. of ads. Circa late 1960's, this is a facsimile of the 1910 9th Edition of this important book, the edition regarded as the best. The work developed over a period of 30 years, the first edition being published in 1881, continually being refined, revised, and expanded. The unique and wonderful reference work includes over 700 illus. Blue decorated cloth. Minor edgewear; o/w VG+ in VG d.j. with minor chipping and wrinkling. Shipping $7.00 in North America ($2 more than our normal charge). $35.00

[3824] Haigh, R.H. And Turner, P.W.. Not for Glory: a Personal History of the 1914-18 War . London: Robert Maxwell, 8 vo., 113 pp. plus 33 pp. of illus. and photos plus a fold-out map of a trench system. 1st Edition. (1969). Using the personal experiences of Gilbert Hall, the authors have tried to show what effect the horror of WWI had upon the soldiers and civilians caught up in the struggle. Red cloth. Minor edgewear; minor discolouring of foredges; o/w VG+ in VG price-clipped d.j. $16.50

[4477] Hamilton, Nigel. Monty: Master of the Battlefield 1942-1944. London: Hamish Hamilton, 8 vo., 863 pp. plus 64 pp. of b/w photos. 1st Edition. 1983. Following his decisive victory at Alamein, Lt.-General B.L. Montgomery became a full General, and a household name. This 2nd volume of his authorized biography charts Monty's career from the North African desert across to Sicily and Italy, then to England and to his greatest victory, in France in 1944--the battle of Normandy. Green cloth. Minor edgewear; review copy sticker on f.e.p.; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG+ price-clipped, pictorial d.j. $17.50

[4476] Hamilton, Nigel . Monty: the Making of a General 1887-1942. London: Hamish Hamilton, 8 vo., 871 pp. plus 32 pp. of b/w photos. 1st Edition. 1981. The first volume of the authorized life of Field-Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein. Red cloth. Minor edgewear; 2 corners bumped; poor paper discoloured; gift inscription on f.e.p.; o/w a VG copy in a VG pictorial d.j. $15.50

[1695] Hammel, Eric. Munda Trail: The New Georgia Campaign . N.Y.: Orion Books, 1989. Sm. 8 vo., 252 pp. plus 16 pp. of b/w photos and maps. 1st ed. In 1942-43, the Japanese decided to build the Munda airfield on New Georgia, right in the middle of the Solomon chain. The Americans and the Japanese clashed in the middle of this strategic island corridor in June 1943, when an untried U.S. Army division assaulted New Georgia and began to move up the Munda trail to take the airfield. This book is the story of that "forgotten battle". Green paper-on-boards with Orange cloth spine. Moderate wear to top and bottom of spine, o/w VG in a VG laminated pictorial d.j. that's price-clipped. $11.00

[750] Harman, Nicholas. Dunkirk: the Necessary Myth. Hodder & Stoughton, Lon. 1980. lst ed., 8 vo., 271 pp. plus 16 pp. of b/w photos. The author takes a close, hard look at one of the events which shaped the course of WWII, and argues that the Dunkirk spirit, which helped to sustain the British people through 5 more hard years of war was to a considerable extent based on myth, necessary myth that was eagerly embraced by a nation under the spell of Churchill's oratory. Orange cloth. Slight shelf-wear and minor staining of foredges, o/w VG in chipped VG d.j. $14.50

[5225] Harris, Roger E.. Islanders Deported: Part 1. Essex and Wiltshire: Channel Islands Specialists Society/Picton Publishing, Abt. 6 x 8-1/4" tall, 226 pp. plus publisher ads. 1980. "The complete history of those British subjects who were deported from the Channel Islands during the German Occupation of 1940-1945 and imprisoned in Europe." These Channel Islanders were the largest group of British people to be interned in Europe by Hitler. Numerous b/w photos. Includes lists of people deported from Jersey and Guernsey to Germany. Black stiff card wraps. Minor edgewear and rubbing; o/w a VG+ copy. $40.00

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[4004] Koch, Eric. Deemed Suspect: a Wartime Blunder . Toronto, N.Y.: Methuen, 8 vo., 272 pp. plus 16 pp. of b/w photos. 1st Edition (1980). In the summer of 1940, prison ships arrived in Quebec from Britain, carrying loads of enemy aliens that the British government had termed too dangerous to keep on British soil. These people were shipped to Canada despite the fact that many of them had be classified by the Home Office as "Refugees from Nazi Oppression". The Canadians were prepared to receive dangerous prisoners-of-war, not the motley crowd of teenagers students, rabbis and priests who stepped ashore. Author Eric Koch, himself a former internee, gives us a vivid and colorful account of life in the various Canadian internment camps. Brown cloth. Slight edgewear; a few pages with folded corners; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG pictorial d.j. $15.00

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[1946] Mandelkern, Benjamin. Escape from the Nazis. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co., 8 vo., 211 pp. plus a one-page map of Poland. 1st Ed. 1988. Ben Mandelkern was only 23 when the Nazis invaded his native Poland in Sept. 1939. He was rounded up with other Polish Jews but he escaped from a train to Treblinka. This is his story of how he and his wife Helena stayed one step ahead of their persecutors throughout the war. Ben even took part in the bloody fighting of the Warsaw uprising. Rose paper-covered boards. VG except for fairly-heavy edgewear, in VG d.j. with some chipping and rubbing. $11.00

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[5237] Preston, Tom. Sabre Brigade United Nations . Indiana: Self Published, Soft Cover. Signed by Author. Abt. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2" tall, 401 pp. Probable 1st and only edition (1994), printed by Xlibris Corp., a print-on-demand or vanity press type company. This is a work of fiction and the cover blurb states " is the first of its kind shedding a whole new light not just on international peace-keeping, but the role of the Platoon Commander and soldier once in combat". The author was a serving soldier in Royal Engineers and Airborne in the British Army. This copy is INSCRIBED by the author on the half-title and also SIGNED by the author on the title page (name actually printed by the author) plus the saying "Si Vis Pacem Poma Bellum". Blue stiff card wraps. Front cover slightly curled; minor chipping and rubbing; o/w a VG or better copy. $15.50

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[1615] Sigel, Gustav A.. German Military Forces of the 19th Century. N.Y.: Military Press, Sm. folio, 136 pp. 1st U.S. Ed. 1989. Originally published in 1900 by Werner Publishing as "Germany's Army and Navy by Pen and Picture". Important contributions on the German army by Major-General Von Specht. The authors compiled chapters on every aspect of the soldiers' and sailors' lives from enlistment to discharge, plus the historical background to the composition of the two forces. Complementing the text are 41 full-color, full-page illus., depicting all types of fighting men. A valuable reference book for the armaments, insignia and uniforms of the time. Blue cloth. Slight edgewear; Red remainder dot on bottom-edges; o/w VG+ in G+ pictorial d.j. that has some fairly heavy chipping and rubbing and a small piece missing from lower-right rear panel. $32.50

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[3142] Smith, Doug. Bless 'em All. Vancouver, B. C.: Self Published, 8 vo., 152 pp. 1st Edition (1967). An entertaining book of nostalgic wartime humour, a collection of columns previously published in The Legionary, the national magazine of the Royal Canadian Legion. Green cloth. Minor edgewear; slight staining of foredges; o/w VG in G+ pictorial d.j. $11.00

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[2113] Steel, Johannes. Men Behind the War: a Who's Who of Our Time . N.Y.: Sheridan House, 8 vo., 447 pp. 1st Ed. 1942. Written by a daily radio commentator and correspondent, this book was to provide the intimate personal facts about the leaders of the world and help show the reason for the present position and the shape of things to come. More than 70 men and one woman, Mme. Chiang Kai-Shek, are dissected. REVIEW COPY stamp on title page. Beige cloth. Minor chipping and soiling; o/w VG in Poor taped d.j. $12.50

[4958] Stefaniuk, M.E.. 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) 1957-1967 . New Brunswick: Self Published, 12 mo., 154 pp. Centennial project of Staff Sergeant Stefaniuk. July, 1967. Covers the very active period of 1957 to 1967 of the regiment's history. Based in New Brunswick. "Forward" by J. A. Cameron, Lieutenant-Colonel. This copy formerly belonging to Lt. Tasker with his name on front and rear covers. Red paper covers; stapled binding. Some wear and staining of covers; poor paper somewhat discoloured; still a G+ to -Vg copy of an uncommon book. $45.00

[4003] Strachan, Tony (ed.). In the Clutch of Circumstance: Experiences of Canadian Prisoners of War . Victoria, B.C.: Cappis Press , Sm. 8 vo., 285 pp. 1st Edition. (1985). An important collection of more than three dozen war reminiscences from members of the Canadian National Prisoners of War Association. Stories from locales ranging from Javanese jungles to North African deserts, from Italian seas to Polish wastelands, stories showing the courage and tenacity exhibited by Canada's men and women during the major wars of the 20th century. Seveal b/w photos. Green cloth. Minor edgewear; one corner bumped; o/w VG in G+ chipped, rubbed d.j. $16.50

[3727] Suster, Gerald. Generals: The Best and Worst Military Commanders . London: Robson Books, 8 vo., 258 pp. 1st Edition. 1997. From Alexander the Great to the Falklands and the Gulf, the author details each military leader's situation and analyzes their decisions that were to prove crucial turning points in battle. Blue cloth. Minor edgewear; corner bent on first few pages; o/w VG+ in VG d.j. $13.50

[1784] Tabouis, Genevieve. Blackmail or War. Harmondsworth: Penguin, Paperback. 252 pp. Penguin Special S3. (1938) 4th ed. May, 1938. An account of the concessions sought in 1937 and 1938 by Hitler and Mussolini from the other European leaders on threat of outright war, and the differing responses, especially from England and France. Illus. with 40 caricature drawings by Joss of the "Star". Some chipping to top of spine; minor foxing of foredges and e.p.'s; o/w VG in G+ d.j. with some chipping and soiling and tear half along front flap. $8.80

[1955] Thackrah, John Richard. Encyclopedia of Terrorism & Political Violence . Lon. and N.Y.: Routledge & Kegan Paul, Sm. 8 vo., 308 pp. (1987) 1st U.S. ed. (book is printed in Great Britain but with the addition of the American imprint and the fact that there's no price on the d.j., I assume this is the first U.S. ed., published simultaneously with the Eng. 1st) This book was designed as a handbook for constant reference and contains around 200 entries regarding terrorism and political violence in the world up to 1987. An excellent historical view of a phenomenon that is foremost in our minds today. Blue cloth. Slight edgewear; slight soiling of foredges; o/w VG+ in VG rubbed and chipped d.j. $22.00

[3576] Thompson, Walter. Beside the Bulldog: the Intimate Memoirs of Churchill's Bodyguard. London: Apollo Publishing, 12 mo., 144 pp. 1st Edition Thus, 2003. This book includes the entire 1953 publication "Sixty Minutes with Winston Churchill", a collection of Ex-Detective Thompson's most entertaining and astonishing memories of Churchill from 1921 to the end of WWII, as well as a lengthy Introduction by Linda Stoker, Thompson's Great-Niece. Several historic photos. Glossy pictorial boards. Near Fine in VG+ matching pictorial d.j. $15.00

[3031] Unknown. Utrecht Liberated. Utrecht, Holland: Ons Volk , An incredibly scarce WWII item, "Utrecht Liberated", which celebrates the defeat of the Germans and the liberation of Holland by the Allied troops, especially the Canadians. In a series of cartoons by "Tyl", accompanied with short captions, the story of the five years of German occupation, the efforts of the Dutch Resistance, the general worker strike, and finally the arrival of the Allies and liberation of Utrecht and all of Holland in April/May, 1945. A moving account told with some humour at the expense of Hitler. Published by Ons Volk (Our People) and printed in occupied territory in April, 1945. Abt. 4-1/2 x 6-1/4". 24 pp. Illus. Orange paper wraps. Front cover faded; title page and next page have a repaired tear (quite well done); a prev. owner's (first owner's?) name and address written in fountain pen on the title page with the date 7-5-1945. Still a G+ copy of this fragile piece of ephemera from a thankful people. See photo at left of front cover; other photos available. $110.00

[1738] Various. Poems from the Desert: Verses By Members of the Eighth Army . Toronto: Oxford Univ. Press, 8 vo., 46 pp. Here is a unique collection of 27 poems (one anonymous) written by members of the 8th Army while serving in the western desert in 1942 and 1943. While driving Rommel back across Africa, these poems of battle, love and home were written by gallant officers and men and submitted at the time to their own newspaper "Crusader". Dk. Blue cloth. Minor edgewear, plus extra wear to top of spine; a little paper from d.j. stuck to rear cover; o/w VG in Poor but almost complete d.j. $16.50

[5235] Various. Soviet Army Uniforms and Insignia, 1950. London: War Office, Original Wraps. Abt. 5 x 7" tall, 36 pp. Published August, 1950. Supersedes "New Notes on the Red Army, No. 2, 1944". " The object of this pamphlet is to enable all ranks to recognize the uniforms and insignia worn by personnel of the Soviet Army." B/w photos of soldiers of various ranks in uniform, plus colour illus. of hats, greatcoats, shoulder-boards, insignia, medals, etc. Brown card wraps, stapled. Slight discolouring and wrinkling of covers; o/w a VG or better copy of an uncommon item. $37.50

[2230] Various. Hitler's Panzers. London: Cavendish House, 4 to., 63 pp. (1983) A collection of 7 articles: one about the Tiger Tank, 6 regarding specific battle areas featuring German tanks, including "Arras 1940", "Kiev 1941", "Kasserine 1943", "Kursk 1943", "Goodwood 1944" and the "Ruhr pocket 1945". Many colour and b/w photos, drawings and maps. Glossy pictorial boards. Slight edgewear and rubbing; o/w VG+ in VG pictorial d.j. with minor chipping and rubbing. $13.50

[1525] Various. Forever England. Lon., Glasgow: Wm. Collins, 1941. 1st Ed.. 4 to., 256 pp. plus 8 full-page colour plates. "A Young People's Story of the Battle For Britain And The Men Who Fight It." A wonderfully informative and well-illustrated volume which actually contains 4 books in one: "Battle for Britain"; "The Royal Navy"; "The British Army"; and, "The Royal Air Force". Dozens of b/w photos accompany the text. Paper-on-boards with illus. front panel; Orange cloth spine. Moderate chipping; minor stain at bottom of rear cover; a few pages with corners turned; gereral browning of the wartime paper; o/w VG. $19.25

[5236] Various. Operating Instruction Manual for Wireless Set (Canadian) No. 58. Ottawa: Dept. of Munitions and Supply , Original Wraps. Abt. 5-1/4 x 8-1/4" tall, 22 pp. plus 7 fold-out diagrams and 9 photos of the various pieces comprising the complete station. Published Nov. 1942. The Canada-made version of Wireless Set 18. Description and working instructions. "Wireless Set (Canadian) No. 58 is designed for short-range telephony in forward areas, and is intended primarily for inter-battalion use; for the use of paratroops, or other isolated troops working away from their H.Q." Brown heavy card wraps. Small amount of paper missing from front cover; "Duplicate" written at top of front cover; small piece torn from bottom of first diagram; o/w a VG copy of this uncommon item. $40.00

[4481] Vincent, Isabel . Hitler's Silent Partners: Swiss Banks, Nazi Gold, and the Pursuit of Justice . New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 8 vo., 351 pp. plus 8 pp. of b/w photos. 1st Can. Edition (1997) At the time of publication, journalist Vincent tells how the demands of international business, Swiss bank secrecy, and greed had conspired to prevent the truth from being disclosed for over half a century and still prevented restitution. Black paper-on-boards and Black cloth spine. Slight edgewear; gift inscription on f.e.p.; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG+ d.j. $15.50

[5147] Von Rosen, Martha and Jurgen Von Rosen . Baltic Odyssey: War and Survival . Calgary: University of Calgary Press , Abt. 6 x 9" tall, 320 pp. 1st Edition (1995). Husband and wife narratives: hers a memoir as a refugee in WWII and after; his a prisoner-of-war diary, combined here and edited by Elvi Whittaker. Several photos. Glossy stiff card pictorial wraps. Minor edgewear; prev. owner's signature on half-title; o/w a VG+ copy. $12.50

[4483] Westwood, John . 1944: The Allies Triumph . London: Bison Books, Tall 4 to., 176 pp. 1st Edition. 1994. A lavishly illustrated account of a year of bloody action on land, at sea, and in the air; a year in which the heart of the Axis war effort was virtually torn out. Black cloth. Minor edgewear; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG pictorial d.j. $15.00

[3782] Whitaker, W. Denis and Whitaker, Shelagh. Battle of the Scheldt. London: Souvenir Press, 8 vo., 461 pp. plus 24 pp. of b/w photos. 1st British Edition. 1985. Orig. published in Canada under the title "Tug of War". From Sept. 'til the end of Nov. 1944, British and Canadian troops struggled through the mud and wet of the Scheldt estuary in a heroic attempt to open the port of Antwerp to Allied shipping, finally achieving their goal on 28th Nov. This book documents the struggle and also presents a serious indictment against the Allied Chiefs of Staff who allowed nearly 13,000 young men to die needlessly. Map e.p.'s. Brown cloth. Slight edgewear; prev. owner's blind stamp on half-title; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG+ d.j. $21.50

[423] Wikoff, Henry. Biographical Sketches of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, First President of France. Dublin: James M'Glashan, 12 mo., 298 pp. plus ads. n.d. (c. 1850) Including a visit to the prince at the Castle of Ham. To which is added, a brief account of the French Revolution of 1848; and an appendix, containing poetical and prose writings of Louis Napoleon, by George Grant. Grey patterned cloth Victorian binding with Gilt lettering and design on spine. A little foxing to e.p.'s and first few pages; binding worn and faded; still G+. $40.00

[4487] Winter, Jay and Baggett, Blaine. Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century . London, New York: Penguin Studio, Tall 4 to., 432 pp. 1st Edition. 1996. The World War of 1914-1918, the Great War, was the first of the man-made disasters of the 20th century. The military flow of the conflict--from the invasion of Belgium in the summer of 1914 to the collapse of Germany in the autumn of 1918--is followed throughout. A companion volume to the acclaimed PBS television series. Dozens of photos. Black cloth. Slight edgewear; one corner bumped; gift inscription on f.e.p.; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG+ pictorial d.j. Extra postage may apply. $22.50

[1984] Ziegler, Philip (ed.). Personal Diary of Admiral The Lord Louis Mountbatten: Supreme Allied Commander, South-East Asia, 1943-1946. London: Collins, 8 vo., 357 pp. plus 16 pp. of b/w photos. 1st Ed. 1988. With Mountbatten in Asia, the dreadful British situation there was redressed: Burma and Malaya were reconquered, Vietnam and Indonesia occupied, the region nursed back to economic and political stability. Mountbatten's diaries pull no punches and spare no reputations. Black cloth. Minor edgewear and rubbing; o/w VG+ in VG pictorial d.j. with some chipping and rubbing. $20.00

[5228] Zuehlke, Mark . Gallant Cause: Canadians in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 . Vanouver, Toronto : Whitecap Books, Hard Cover. Signed by Author. 8 vo., 280 pp. 1st Edition (1996) "In defiance of the Canadian government, young labour activists, World War I veterans, intellectuals, and dreamers gave up everything and joined the struggle to save a fragile democracy." This is their story. A few maps and photos. This copy SIGNED by the author on the title page. White/Brown cloth. Minor edgewear; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG+ pictorial d.j. $22.50


8.     Duffy, James P. Hitler Slept Late and Other Blunders That
Cost Him the War. Praeger, N.Y., Lon. 1991. 1st Edition. Sm. 8 vo.,
178 pp. A surprising reinterpretation of Hitler's impact on the
outcome of WWII. Duffy sets out each of Hitler's major errors,
uncovering why each was made, what happened as a result, and how
the outcome of the war might have been different if Hitler had
followed the advice of others. Black cloth. Slight edgewear and
rubbing; prev. owner's name sticker on f.e.p.; o/w a VG+ copy 
in a VG+ d.j.    $15.00

9.     Forman, James. Code Name Valkyrie: Count von Stauffenberg
and the plot to kill Hitler. S. G. Phillips, New York. 2nd printing,
1974. 8 vo., 256 pp. In 1943, whilst recovering from serious wounds 
suffered in Africa, Claus von Stauffenberg decides that his loyalty
to mankind and to Germany takes precedence over his oath of
allegiance to his superiors and Adolf Hitler. He accepts a post on
the staff of General Olbricht, a secret anti-Nazi, and becomes the
driving force and coordinator of the plot to organize the army 
and as many civilian dissenters as possible to eliminate Hitler.
Numerous b/w photos. Blue/Red cloth. Minor edgewear and rubbing; 
o/w a VG or better copy in a VG d.j.    $12.50

10.     Laqueur, Walter and Breitman, Richard. Breaking the Silence:
the story of Eduard Schulte, the German industrialist who risked
everything to oppose the Nazis and was the first to tell the world
of the fate of the Jews in Hitler's Europe. Simon & Schuster, New
York. 1st Edition (1986). 8 vo., 320 pp., including 24 pp. of b/w
photos and documents. Green paper-on-boards with Red cloth spine.
Slight edgewear; small remainder mark on bottomedges; prev. owner's
name stamp on f.e.p.; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG price-clipped d.j.  $11.50

11.     Lucas, James. War on the Eastern Front 1941-1945: the German       
Soldier in Russia. Bonanza Books, 1982, 3rd printing. 8 vo., 214 pp.
plus 40 pp. of b/w illus. 4 maps. " unforgettable selection of
experiences in triumph and defeat, of weapons, tactics and of the
awe-inspiring conditions of warfare on the Eastern Front as seen
by the men who were there." Red cloth. Minor edgewear; small stain
in one margin; 2 name stamps of prev. owner; o/w VG in VG d.j.  $11.00

12.     Morris, Eric. Guerrillas in Uniform: Chruchill's Private
Armies in the Middle East and the war Against Japan, 1940-45. 
Hutchinson, London. 8 vo., 277 pp. plus 8 pp. of b/w photos. 
1st Edition. 1989. While describing the creation of early "special
forces", the author challenges many old orthodoxies about characters
as diverse as Stirling, Popski, Rommel and Wingate, and sheds new
light on Tobruk, the disaster of Crete and the Chindit campaigns.
Blue cloth. Slight edgewear and rubbing; prev. owner's name stamp
on f.e.p.; o/w VG+ in VG pictorial d.j.        $15.00

13.     Overy, Richard and Wheatcroft, Andrew. The Road to War.
Stoddart, Toronto. 1989. 1st Can. Edition. Tall 8 vo., 364 pp. plus
32 pp. of b/w photos. Several maps. Another interpretation of just
how the major players of WWII came to be involved. A companion volume
to an 8-part BBC television documentary series. Very readable.
Black cloth. Slight edgewear and rubbing; prev. owner's name stamp
on f.e.p.; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG+ d.j.          $12.50

14.    Overy, Richard. Why the Allies Won. W.W. Norton, N.Y. and
Lon. 1st U.S. Edition. 1996. Tall 8 vo., 396 pp. plus 16 pp. of
b/w photos. In his incisive analysis, Overy explains exactly how
the Allies regained military superiority from 1942 onwards and
accomplished victory in 1945. Black paper-on-boards with Black
cloth spine. Slight edgewear and rubbing; 2 name stamps of prev.
owner; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG d.j.                $11.50

15.    Parkinson, Roger. Tormented Warrior: Ludendorff and the 
Supreme Command: the biography of the General who eclipsed the
Kaiser as dictator of Germany and who helped launch Adolf Hitler.
Stein and Day, New York. 1979. 1st U.S. Edition. 8 vo., 248 pp.
4 pp. of b/w photos plus several maps. Black paper-on-boards 
with Red cloth spine. Minor edgewear; minor soiling of foredges;
prev. owner's name stamp on f.e.p.; o/w VG in VG d.j.   $11.50

16.     Prouse, A. Robert. Ticket to Hell via Dieppe: from a
prisoner's wartive log 1942-1945. Van Nostrand Reinhold, Tor.
and N.Y. 1982. 1st Edition. 8 vo., 192 pp. incl. b/w and colour
illus. and photos. A fascinating memoir of 3 yrs. spent in Stalag 
IXC deep within the 3rd Reich. Illus. e.p.'s. Black cloth. Slight
edgewear and rubbing; o/w a VG+ copy in a VG d.j.     $12.50


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